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Heritage Tractor Technology Support team has a NEW contact number: (858) 330-2111. Learn more.


Technology advancing productivity

John Deere Ag Management Solutions provide producers with more flexibility in their operations. They allow for more efficient equipment operation, reduced input costs, better water management for irrigated operations, and year-round documentation of almost every aspect of your operation. These solutions make efficiency less of an obstacle and allow producers to focus on the finer details of their operation.

Technology isn't just for Farming

Even if you don't manage hundreds of acres, technology can still be a helpful addition to managing your property. Check out the new John Deere Property Center App--one place for everything John Deere including your machine, your dealer and the jobs that you do. Learn More

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Use of technology to intervene in a process in order to reduce the requirement of time, resources and human input.

  • Guidance with Autotrac Turn Automation - John Deere's guidance technology, AutoTrac, is an automatic steering feature that can be used with your GreenStar equipment to more efficiently work your fields. AutoTrac Turn Automation comes with varying degrees of precision depending on which StarFire Signal you are receiving. Avoid gaps and overlap and increase operator ease. Learn More
  • Autonomy - Take automation to a whole new level with John Deere's self-driving 8R tractor. The machine combines Deere's 8R tractor, TruSet-enabled chisel plow, GPS guidance system, and new advanced technologies. Ask your salesman about availability.
  • SmartGrade - Reduce guesswork on the jobsite with SmartGrade enabled machines. Create virtual fence barriers and remove the need for stakes and strings. Plus, enhance your peace-of-mind with flexible precision technology and job documentation.


The technologies below give you the ability to stay connected to your machine and see information about overall machine health, reminders, and warnings.

  • Starfire Receiver - Connect your large ag equipment via GPS signal to enable machine guidance and equipment sync through the John Deere StarFire Receiver.
  • JD Link Connectivity - The 4G JDLink MTG (modem) connects your machines to allow for fast data transfer to your John Deere Operations Center account. This connectivity also enables machine-to-machine communication and remote support from your dealer (if you choose). Learn More
  • Displays - An in-cab touch screen display that allows you to see work completed via automated guidance, fine tune equipment settings and send data (with a JDLink connection) to the John Deere Operations Center. View Displays
  • Smart Connectors - The John Deere Smart Connectors for mowers and compact utility tractors transfer machine information to your smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. These connectors can communicate fuel level, battery state, hour meter information and even suggest service intervals.


Gather data to make more insightful, actionable decisions about your machines, money and workforce. Insights are a byproduct of other technologies.

  • Operations Center - Access your farm information anytime, anywhere with John Deere Operations Center. The online farm management system allows you to see what's happening on your operation and collaborate with the right people in order to save time, optimize yield, and maximize profits. Learn More
    • Machine Utilization - The ability to analyze the performance, location and health of each machine in your fleet via JDLink information.
    • Actionable Workforce Planning - Better prepare your team and their tasks for each season through a planning platform.
    • Agronomic Information - Get better visibility to every pass in a single place so that you or your trusted advisor can optimize your production.
  • Other 3rd Party Software - Through partnerships with other service providers, our team can work to provide a full suite of solutions.


Make your machine and your land do more for you. Let us help you unlock the full potential to maximize your investment.

  • Precision Upgrades - John Deere's Precision Upgrades allow you to install the latest technology and replace worn parts on your current equipment. These upgrades reduce input costs and improve yields without the cost of a brand-new machine. Learn about Precision Upgrades
  • Expert Alerts - Expert Alerts is a proactive monitoring system used to alert producers and dealers (with customer permission) of any machine issues. The preemptive diagnosis allows dealers to fix the issue remotely or dispatch out a technician before it causes costly problems. Learn More
  • Machine Optimization - Technology can provide data and information about your machines and how each one is working. This knowledge enables you to make adjustments in order to protect your machine and maximize its use. Track fuel usage, idle time, and operator efficiency as benchmarks for future improvement.
  • Drainage Systems - Heritage Tractor has partnered with a tile and terrace design contractor to provide you an exclusive option for the design and installation of tile and or terrace drainage systems. The systems can be as basic or advanced as needed to maximize your return on investment and provide the valuable ability to sub-irrigate back through the tile drains to give you true water management for your fields.

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