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Unlock the full potential of your existing equipment with a preCISION upgrade.

By upgrading your equipment with new hardware and technology, you get the confidence you need that you're running at your best. Whether it's planting or seeding, spraying, or harvesting, Precision Upgrades can help you improve yields and increase profitability with every pass.

Upgrade Your Planter

Planting is your most important pass of the year. Make it count by replacing your planter's older row units. To view the recommended upgrades, click here

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  • Increase Your Yield this Harvest

    Reduce grain loss and deliver more yield to the scales without having to trade your current harvest equipment -- upgrade instead.

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  • Improve Precision on Your Sprayers

    Add individual nozzle control with an ExactApply Precision Upgrade Kit, for precise droplet sizing and consistent application management.

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  • Make Easy Field Prep Adjustments

    Spend more time tilling and less time making adjustments when you add a TruSet Tillage technology Precision Upgrade to your field prep tools.

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  • We have confidence that these upgrades will allow for better machine utilization and agronomic impact to drive your yields and profitability higher. Now is the time to get into a like new machine at a much lower price point.

    How It Works:

    1. We work with you to identify your machine options for eligible upgrades, this is completely customized to your machine and your needs. We want to hear from you about what you would like to accomplish with your upgrade.
    2. Our performance upgrade experts go back and place your upgrade order with John Deere.
    3. a. Important to understand that these kits are manufactured and designed by John Deere for John Deere machines. Sometimes other kits on the market are designed for multiple different brands leaving it challenging to get the best performance.
    4. Some kits arrive partially assembled and ready to get installed on your machine.
    5. During the upgrade discussion we will figure out what installation option works best for you, we have two:
    6. a. Heritage Tractor Installed Option with factory trained technicians (could be performed on farm or at one of our facilities)
      b. Customer Installed Option where you would receive a final walk-around and technology software upgrades from Heritage Tractor
    7. When you are ready to hit the field the next season you would have the backing of the Heritage Tractor team for questions and start up support as needed.

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