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Each week, we rush through the grocery store throwing all of the things we need (and things we simply desire) into our overflowing carts. We debate over generic vs. name-brand, healthy or cheap, white or wheat. Sometimes, in the midst of our own little world, we forget how fortunate we really are. Food insecurity is a huge issue for people in our communities and all over the planet. At Heritage Tractor, we are hungry to help, both in our country and in others.

Every year, we partner with local farmers, Growing Hope Globally, and Orchard: Africa to address food security on a global scale through our giving program, From the Ground Up.

From The Ground Up

This synergistic program connects American producers to small stakeholders in developing countries through our partners, Growing Hope Globally and Orchard: Africa. These organizations teach men and women in some of the poorest areas around the world how to grow crops and raise livestock using innovative techniques that address extreme weather conditions, limited access to water and the challenges of urban settings. They focus on helping individuals to not only provide food for their families but to also earn an income, which supports both their families and communities.

With a focus on long-lasting impacts, we don’t simply feed the hungry. Together, we restore hope in regions of the world by cultivating self-sufficient communities from the ground up.

How it works

U.S. farmers use their expert skills to produce a crop or raise livestock that, in turn, helps small, international farmers learn proper farming skills.

A Heritage Tractor customer pledges acres of soybean, corn or hay, or heads of livestock or poultry, to the program.
Heritage Tractor reimburses the customer a pre-determined amount to help defray input costs.
The customer manages the crop or livestock and displays program sign on the property.
The customer sells the crops or livestock to the elevator, at auction, etc.
Proceeds are split 50/50 between Orchard: Africa and Growing Hope Globally and checks are sent to Heritage Tractor.
Heritage Tractor mails donations to both organizations.

All funds raised from our U.S. partners go directly to farming education. Participants receive updates, which include stories from the field, so they can see how their donations are being used. Additionally, all donations are tax-deductible. We are proud to say that over four years, $43,500 has been raised and donated by Heritage Tractor customers.*

*As of 2019

Want to help us grow From the Ground Up?

More than 815 million people face food insecurity and are thereby subject to disease, poverty, trafficking, and other harmful threats. Join us in growing this program to help individuals in developing countries gain strength through nutritious food, clean water, financial independence, and everlasting faith. Contact hti@heritagetractor.comfor more details.

To learn more about our partner organizations or to donate directly, visit their websites: Growing Hope Globally and Orchard: Africa.