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Find your next John Deere tractor with a wide range from compact, utility, 4WD track, row-crop and speciality tractors.


Add individual nozzle control to your R4030, R4038, R4044, R4045 or R4060 with an ExactApply Performance Upgrade Kit, giving you precise droplet sizing for consistent application management.

Planting Equipment

Explore planting equipment and row units from John Deere, including drawn and mounted planters. Visit today to see how to maximize your yield potential.

seeding equipment

Explore the features, specifications, and more about seeding equipment and drills from John Deere and Frontier.

Hay and Forage Equipment

Our full line of forage equipment features balers, disc mowers, wheel rakes and everything in between. Explore our powerful hay harvesting equipment.

Harvesting Equipment

Discover features, reviews and pricing for combines, cotton harvesters and sugar cane harvesters.


John Deere has the broadest tillage portfolio in our 180-year history. We've got disks, plows, field cultivators, variable-intensity tillage tools and more to let you manage residue, create an ideal seedbed and prepare your fields for a successful growing season.

Cutters And Shredders

Cutters, Shredders & Flail Mowers from John Deere. Learn about the features, specifications and more for our line of cutters, shredders and flail mowers.

Tractor Attachments

Explore John Deere and Frontier Tractor Attachments and find the one that best fits your needs.

Skid Steers

Explore skid steers from John Deere. Compare against the competition and view applicable attachments.

Compact Track Loaders

Find Compact Track Loader specs, compare Deere Skid Steers against the competition, and view applicable attachments.

New John Deere Ag Equipment For Sale at Heritage Tractor

Get the newest John Deere ag equipment for sale at Heritage Tractor in Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. With a complete platform of John Deere tractors from the 1-8 Series, find the tractor best suited for your field's needs. John Deere combines to provide you with maximum efficiency to get the most out of your harvest. More new farm equipment available includes sprayers, cutters, shredders, and more. Come into Heritage Tractor to find the new ag equipment you've been looking for today.

Multiple John Deere Tractor Sizes

John Deere tractors continue to be the best available tractors in the industry year after year. Their advanced technology and unwavering reliability contribute to this factor. Like the 2025R, compact tractors complete numerous small tasks, such as moving debris or flattening uneven roads. John Deere 5 series tractors are great for having versatility in your operation. Finish any field work tasks such as tilling, planting, or spraying. For the most demanding jobs, the 8 series row crop tractors will put out 400+ horsepower to give you the best output when needing to do field work faster. For questions on the wide selection of John Deere tractors, ask Heritage Tractor in Missouri, Kansas, or Arkansas.

New Combines for Harvesting

John Deere combines for sale from Heritage Tractor are here to give you your best harvest. With advanced technology such as the HarvestSmart™ system, the S-series combines are customized to the conditions of crops and changing loads. This helps keep your speed of harvesting more constant and efficient. The X-series combines showcases the X9 1100, which has 690 max horsepower, 5.3 bu/s unload rate, and 460-bushel power folding grain tank. Complete work fields faster than ever, with a harvest rate of up to 30 acres an hour in wheat on the X9 1100. Learn more about all the features of John Deere combines from our staff at Heritage Tractor.

Sprayers, Cutters, Shredders, and More

Sprayers from John Deere will make your application process more accurate than ever. With the preciseness of individual nozzles, control them with GPS guidance to eliminate unnecessary chemical waste and have even crop coverage. AutoTrac™ Vision and RowSense help your sprayer stay on the path and keep row spacing even, no matter the conditions of your field. Available rotary cutters at Heritage Tractor complete your commercial field or roadside mowing operations quickly and provide high-quality shredding. Get your hands on the available John Deere sprayers, cutters, and more at Heritage Tractor. 

Buying New John Deere Ag Equipment from Heritage Tractor

Heritage Tractor understands the commitment of buying new John Deere ag equipment and sees this as more than a one-time sale. With our partnerships developed with farmers over the years, we are here to help with all steps of farming equipment. Heritage Tractor is here for all the process phases, from selling old equipment, financing, servicing and repairing, or giving tips and tricks on maintaining your farm equipment. Heritage Tractor is here for a personalized touch on your farm equipment processes.