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Compact Tractors for Sale in Lockwood, MO

Looking to improve efficiency and decrease your downtime? Check out our John Deere compact tractors for sale in Lockwood, Missouri. Whether you are looking for something small for landscaping or a larger tractor for farming chores, we have a tractor to fit your needs.

1 Series

Key Specs & Features:

  • Engine Power: 21.5-23.9 HP
  • PTO Power: 14.9-17.2 HP
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Loader Lift Capacity: up to 754lbs
  • Models for Sale: 1023E, 1025R

Ready to have a well-manicured lawn without having to hire a professional? Our John Deere 1 Series Compact Tractors are ready to do the job. As the smallest tractor in the fleet, these tractors are perfect for small property owners looking for a tractor capable of hauling gardening supplies but still small enough and light enough to move around the yard without tearing it up. Nowadays, multitasking is less of an impressive skill and more of a requirement. So to help multitasking go a bit smoother for you, these tractors are designed to be as easy to use as possible. They are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions that allow you to easily change speeds and directions by switching which Twin Touch foot pedal you are using, as well as color-coded levers, and a comfortable operator station.

2 Series

Key Specs & Features:

  • Engine Power: 24.2-36.7 HP
  • PTO Power: 17.2-30.4 HP
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Loader Lift Capacity: up to 1120lbs
  • Models for Sale: 2025R, 2032R, 2038R

Turn your yard into a luscious green haven with our new John Deere 2 Series tractors. Built for homeowners wanting a tractor capable of transforming their landscaping. With more grit and strength than the 1 Series tractors, these tractors are able to take on more heavy-duty tasks. Take on gardening (flower or vegetable), planting trees, fixing up your driveway, and more. Each of the tractors comes standard 4WD with a hydrostatic transmission. While larger and heavier than the 1 Series tractors, the 2 Series tractors are still a great size for mowing your lawn. Simply connect to the drive-over mower deck and you are ready to mow.

3 Series

Key Specs & Features:

John Deere 3 Series tractors. Three trim package options and three transmission options. The D model tractors are built with gear drive transmissions, the E models are built with hydrostatic transmissions, and the R models are available with hydrostatic and PowrReverserTM transmissions. These tractors are perfect for hobby farmers that need more power and working capability than smaller series offer. With 1122 lbs lifting capacity and 4409 hauling capacity, there's not much these tractors can't handle. Long workdays are made comfortable with your choice of an open operator station or a spacious climate-controlled cab.

4 Series

Key Specs & Features:

  • Engine Power: 43.1-65.9 HP
  • PTO Power: 33.6-54.2 HP
  • Hydrostatic or PowrReverserTM Transmission
  • Loader Lift Capacity: up to 2222lbs
  • Models for Sale: 4044M, 4052M, 4066M, 4044R, 4052R, 4066R

Say hello to superior performance and premium comfort. John Deere 4 Series tractors are the most capable tractors in the compact tractor class. These tractors are designed for farmers, ranchers, and property owners looking for a machine capable of hauling heavy loads and clearing thick brush. Thanks to features such as Hitch Assist and Auxiliary Hitch Control hooking up rear implements can be hassle-free. These features allow you to creep the tractor forward/backward with a simple push of the button on the left rear fender. With easy serviceability and quality parts, these tractors are designed to withstand years of labor.

When you shop at Heritage Tractor, you get more than just a tractor, you get a team that is dedicated to helping you each step of the way from purchasing to maintaining. Join the Heritage Tractor family today!