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Save Money during Our Spring Tractor Sale | Heritage Tractor

We're getting ready for Spring over here at Heritage Tractor, and we hope you are, too! That's why we're hosting a sale to help you find the right tractor at a great price. This Spring, save up to $3,509 on MSRP on our DIY Digger Package and up to $4,639 on MSRP on the Ozark Package. We're also offering $1,000 off the 1025R, $2,000 off the 2032R, and $1,250 off the 3025E. Additionally, you can save on all Compact Utility Tractors (CUTs) with $0 and 0% financing for 60 months, or 0.9% for 72 months. Offer available until 3/21/2023.

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Why Are CUTs So Great?


John Deere's CUTs range from 21-65 horsepower, and we happily recommend them for properties up to 40 acres. These machines are compatible with more than 50 attachments and implements, ranging from the Drive-Over AutoConnectTM Mower Deck to the 270B Backhoe, the Rotary Tiller and much more. Whether you're dealing with home gardening, landscaping, or a small row-cropping operation, there's a compact tractor for you.


The versatility of CUTs makes them a long-term investment that will pay off on your property. Not only is the initial investment cheaper, but maintaining these smaller tractors is both easier and cheaper than larger tractors.

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How Should You Pick Your Tractor?

What Do You Need From Your CUT?

If you're working with a 5-acre property dealing mostly with gardening, small landscaping projects or mowing, you'll be fine with a John Deere 1 Series: check out the 1023E and 1025R. With a little higher horsepower and lift capacity, the 3 Series (see the 3032E and 3039R) is great for properties up to 20 acres, and will be perfect for bush hogging, trail clearing and planting a food plot. The 4 Series is the heaviest-duty in John Deere's line of CUTs, and will be great for any homeowner's chores on properties up to 40 acres. Some of the most popular 4 Series tractors are the 4044M and 4044R.

Use Our Guide

Still, we know that choosing the right tractor can be difficult. We encourage you to visit our guide to picking the right-sized tractor for your property and consulting one of our experts.

See Our Compact Tractor Size Guide

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