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What Size Compact Tractor Do I Need?

We all know that compact tractors, or small tractors, are bite-size versions of standard utility tractors. They can also be more maneuverable and efficient than larger utility tractors for certain tasks. But what you might not know is the differences between the sizes of each compact tractor and which one is right for you. While they all are small tractors, it is important to know what sets them apart so you can have a tractor that fits your goals and can work well with your environment. We have compiled a breakdown of each series of John Deere compact tractors so you can determine which size is best for your needs.

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1 Series (21.5 - 23.9 HP)

The John Deere 1 Series are sub-compact tractors that are a great match for properties of 5 acres or less. These are the smallest models of the compacts, so while they might not be ideal for the most heavy-duty tasks, they are amazing for homeowners who need more muscle than a traditional mower to tidy up their lawns and take on a few DIY projects. The 1 Series machines are the ultimate user-friendly tractors with helpful features like power steering, easy implement swaps, and TwinTouch controls. With the 1 Series tractors, you can get a satisfying cut for a manicured lawn and perform a number of other jobs such as gardening, loading, snow removal, and grading and leveling.

Our pick for: First-time tractor buyers, DIY homeowners

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2 Series (24.2 - 36.7 HP)

The John Deere 2 Series tractors, coined as the "ultimate mini landscaper" are ideal for properties of 5 acres or more. These tractors have a boost in horsepower and a larger heavy frame that allows you to carry out a wider range of tasks than the 1 Series. The featured CommandCut controls can allow you to get a more precise cut with quick and accurate adjustments. The 2 Series also has a two-range hydrostatic transmission with TwinTouch controls that comes in handy for easily getting around large properties. Some tasks that can be done with the 2 Series include mowing, cutting rough terrain, digging, loading, and more.

Our pick for: Residential and commercial landscapers

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3 Series (24.7 - 37.3 HP)

The John Deere 3 Series tractors are fine options for landowners with properties of 10 acres or more who are looking to do landscaping and small ag work. This series has a very versatile lineup, giving you more options for transmissions and premium features. The 3D models have gear transmissions, excellent for maximum PTO performance and great for jobs that require a steady speed such as tilling, as well as heavy hauling. The 3E and 3R models have hydrostatic and PowrReverser transmission options. Also, the 14-inch ground clearance paired with 4WD, allows them to navigate uneven terrain without any complications. With the 3 Series tractors, you can perform a wide variety of tasks from cutting, mowing, digging, and hauling while also performing in tight spaces such as tree nurseries and vineyards thanks to its narrow frame.

Our pick for: Landowners who need property management, Small Farmers

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4 Series (43.1 - 65.9)

The John Deere 4 Series tractors are the most powerful of the compact tractor lineup. These tractors are designed for properties of 10 acres or more that require heavy-duty maintenance and chores. There are heavy-duty models that feature Category 1 and 2 hitch compatibility, allowing you to have access to heavier and stronger implements. The heavy-duty tractors also come equipped with four work lights, allowing you to work in dark spaces. All models come with a turbocharged diesel engine and are compatible with more than 50 implements. These tractors suit any hard worker in need of a small but powerful machine including farmers, cattlemen, and more.

Our pick for: Small farmers who need a bit more muscle

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If you want to learn more about each series of compact tractors or need more assistance finding which size compact tractor you need, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit your nearest Heritage Tractor location. We’ll be happy to help.

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