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Heritage Tractor Blog

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Multi Use: Explained

What is Multi-Use?

A Multi-Use Account is a flexible line of credit to finance your parts and service purchases, offered by John Deere Financial. Take advantage of no payments and no interest financing terms to ease the strain of in-season costs and allow for your desired repayment plan.

Who is eligible?

Any individual or business can apply for a Multi-Use Account. As with any line of credit, identity validation and credit check are required. Submit your application here.

Why Multi-Use?

The biggest benefit of a Multi-Use Account is that John Deere Financial understands the seasonality of your business, which means flexible payment options for you. 

With one account, you can track your spending. Monthly statements and annual summaries help keep your records in order. Another advantage is the ability to add multiple authorized users, allowing employees to charge authorized purchases to one business account. Multi-Use makes it SIMPLE!

When and where can I use my account?

In or out of season, your account is there for your needs. You can pay using your Multi-Use account at any Heritage Tractor location and for other business purchases like fertilizer and feed. Plus, stay connected with the John Deere Multi-Use mobile app!

For more questions, contact your local Heritage Tractor.

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