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Heritage Tractor Blog

Monday, March 21, 2022

Myths about Equipment and John Deere

    • I don't need a tractor, I don't farm.
      • Compact utility tractors are a smaller version of the standard agricultural tractors. These are specifically made for homeowners with large areas to mow and materials to move. Any property with 1-5 acres could find many uses for the 1 and 2 series tractors. For other property owners with less than 20 acres, we bet you can find a big list of chores a 3 or 4 series tractor could help with.

    • The salesperson just wants to upsell me for a bigger commission.
      • Our salesmen are trained to find you the right piece of equipment for your needs. Since there are only few machines that can check all the boxes for a customer, the salesman will ask questions about land characteristics, tasks, and even storage. Our salespeople take all of those factors into consideration when making recommendations.

    • I don't need to perform an annual maintenance; it doesn't make a difference.
      • We highly recommend annual maintenance checks to extend the life of your machine. Post-season is a great time to complete the yearly maintenance to ensure proper winterization and prevent downtime in season. Simple services such as changing the oil, checking common wear parts, and keeping your machine clean all help the lifespan of your machine.

    • You are paying extra for the green paint.
      • The green paint is as iconic as the leaping deer logo. While it’s true that John Deere offers high quality equipment and a dealer network that stands behind the products, you'd be surprised to find that the price isn’t that different from the competition—especially when you add in repair costs.
        Still not sold? Compare our John Deere to other brands. 

    • John Deere mowers purchased at Home Depot and Lowes are not genuine John Deere.
      • Though there is a larger variety of models from our dealership, they are both genuine John Deere Mowers. Heritage Tractor services all mowers, regardless of where it as purchased.

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