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This year's theme is America! Try to capture the essence of the American Dream, with a photo of your Deere at a parade or amidst the stars and stripes. Submit your high-quality, horizontal shots for a chance to be featured in our 2025 calendar and win a Heritage Tractor gift card!

Photos submissions due by August 2, 2024.


Submissions should include John Deere equipment and must be:

  • Horizontal, not vertical
  • 100% yours (not copyrighted, trademarked, or watermarked)
  • Full color, not black and white
  • High resolution, preferably 300 dpi 


To enter the photo contest, you must be 18 years or older, or have permission from a parent or legal guardian. You will be disqualified if your photo is taken by another photographer or found on the internet. Additionally, will be disqualified if your photo contains profane, vulgar, violent, or sexual language/imagery.

Winner Selection & Prizes

All winning photographers will receive credit in the calendar for their photos AND a Heritage Tractor gift card.

The Heritage Tractor Marketing Team will choose the winning photos. Contestants will be notified via email. 

File Upload


Contact us at Marketing@HeritageTractor.com.

Photo Release

Heritage Tractor reserves the right to use and re-use all photos submitted for publishing, advertising, and promotion in any medium, including social media. Heritage Tractor also reserves the right to perform alterations to the photograph post-submission. By entering a photo into the 2025 calender competition, you release Heritage Tractor from any claims and demands that may arise out of the use and re-use of your photographs, whether known or unknown, on the date of your submission. By submitting photos, you recognize that you are granting, without payment and further approval, Heritage Tractor full copyright and trademark privileges of your pictures. You also affirm that you are the owner of the photograph and are over 18 years of age or have provided permission of a parent or guardian.