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Used Combines For Sale In the Ozarks

Since 1947, John Deere combines have been known for their productivity, reliability and efficiency. When it comes to such a large investment, we know those things matter to you. Year after year, farmers need equipment that will get the job done as time- and cost-effective as possible. We've got exactly what you are looking for at Heritage Tractor.

Why Used

If you are in the market for a combine, you already know that they are not cheap. A piece of equipment of this astounding size and importance to your productivity is going to be. Buying a used combine is a smart financial decision if it is in good condition. Why? Because they have the potential to be significantly less expensive with many of the same features as new combines. Used also means that they may already come with attachments that would typically be sold separately, so you can get more bang for your buck and in the agricultural industry, every penny matters.

Quality Matters

Here at Heritage Tractor, we make sure that all our machinery is approved for sale by our certified experts. We want our customers to have nothing but the best. We offer a large variety of models with different numbers of hours used. Check out our Used Equipment page for all your buying options in the Ozarks. If you are looking for something specific, like a newer model combine or one with fewer hours, just use our filters to narrow down your buying options.

If this is your first time buying a combine, check out What to Look For in a Used Combine for some helpful tips and things to look out for before purchasing.