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Tractor Spotlight: John Deere 1025R | Heritage Tractor

The John Deere 1025R is a fan favorite when it comes to compact tractors, and it's easy to see why. The sub-compact tractor has plenty of notable features that make it user-friendly and versatile. With 25 horsepower, it is efficient enough to take care of daily chores and tasks around your property no matter your skill level. Let's explore some of the things that make the 1025R a gem and answer common questions about this tractor.

Standout Features

Implement Swaps

One feature that makes the 1025R a handy tool to keep around is the easy implement swaps. There is no need to spend much time switching between implements for various jobs. There are several implement swaps available on the tractor that can get you connected in no time. The AutoConnect Deck system can connect a mid-mount mower deck to the tractor in less than 60 seconds. There is also the Quick-Park loader system, Quick-Tatch front hitch, iMatch, and Quick-Knect system to connect and power several other implements and attachments. The 1025R also can have up to 3 implements mounted simultaneously so you can pump up your productivity.

TwinTouch Controls

Along with efficient productivity, the 1025R also provides efficient maneuverability, thanks to the signature TwinTouch controls. Instead of shifting gears to move around, you can simply press the forward and reverse TwinTouch pedals and get where you need to go. Also, the hydrostatic transmission allows for infinite ground speeds so you can move around your property quickly and swiftly.

4WD and Power Steering

Even though this tractor is small, it still has no problem navigating complex areas. The 4WD gives the equipment excellent maneuverability and durability on uneven terrain and tight spaces. The power steering makes navigating the different terrain even easier.

Who can benefit from the 1025R?

The 1025R has several components and capabilities that can benefit landowners from all walks of life. While the tractor isn't made to do any heavy-duty farming, it can be helpful for property maintenance and lawn care for homeowners and landowners of up to 3 acres.

What implements can you use with the 1025R?

The 1025R is compatible with just about any Category 1 implement. Common implements users pair with their tractors include a rotary cutter, tiller, grooming mower, snow blower, or box blade.

What is the difference between the 1023E and 1025R?

Both models in the John Deere 1 Series Family are very capable, however, there are a few key differences. Both models are powered by the Tier 4-compliant Yanmar diesel engine. The 1025R (24.2 hp) has a bit more engine horsepower than the 1023E (22.4 hp). The 1025R also has more PTO power, allowing for larger implement usage. Both have TwinTouch controls, but only the 1025R has cruise control. The thing that separates them most is the operator's station features. The 1025R features standard LED lights, a deluxe seat, a floor mat, and tilt steering.

These are all the basics of the John Deere 1025R tractor. If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to contact us for an answer from an expert. Also, visit one of our locations to see the equipment in person.

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