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Small Tractors for Sale near Joplin, Missouri

If you are a landowner near Joplin, Missouri, Heritage Tractor has tractors to fit your needs. We understand landowners have different needs and they can't all be solved by the same tractor, which is why we carry a variety of John Deere compact tractors. We carry 1 series, 2 series, 3 series, and 4 series tractors at our Joplin Dealership. With hundreds of attachment options, we can build a tractor package just for your needs. Visit the dealership to test out these small utility tractors yourself.

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1 Series


Mowing and clearing land are what these compact tractors were made for. 1 series tractors are the smallest of the compact tractor lineup. With horsepower ranging from 23-25, they are great for chores around the property.

These tractors make every job a little simpler by having quick attachment options such as the AutoConnectTM Mower Deck and the iMatch Quik-Hitch.

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2 Series


This tractor was made with two consumers in mind: landowners and business owners. These tractors are made to take on tasks such as removing snow, digging, and commercial landscaping.

The 2 series compact tractors come with engine horsepower ranging from 25-38. Just like any John Deere product, these machines are coated in quality paint that protects from sun spots and chipping paint.

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3 Series


John Deere went all out with their 3 Series compact tractors. This series comes in three lines: 3D, 3E, and 3R. The 3 Series tractors come with engine horsepower ranging from 25-46. The 3D tractors are known as wagon haulers because of their 4409 lb hauling capacity. The 3E tractors are all about being economical.

These tractors have tall ground clearance and a wide operator station to make running the tractor easy and stress free. The diesel engines are liquid cool to keep the tractor operating while handling heavy loads. The 3R tractors are the top of the line for the 3 series. These tractors are heavy duty and made to maneuver all terrain types without ever breaking a stride. The 3 series tractors were made to get the job done.

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4 Series


The 4 Series Compact Utility Tractors are the largest and strongest compact utility tractors. With engine horsepower ranging from 44-66, these tractors are itching to get to work.

These machines have fully independent PTO and optional cruise control so can sit back and relax while the tractor does the work. The 4 series tractors are great for heavier duty landscaping jobs, equine operations, recreational properties, and more. These tractors are up for a challenge.

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Don't let the small size of these tractors fool you. They were made for hard work and won't let you down. If you want a tractor you can take pride in driving, buy a John Deere Compact Utility tractor. Heritage Tractor is here to serve you. Our job is to make your job easier.

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