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Small Tractors, Big Impact

John Deere's compact tractors are revolutionizing the world of agriculture. At a more affordable price, and with such versatility, these machines allow farmers and hobbyists alike to elevate their productivity on the farm or in the yard. If you're still debating whether a compact tractor is right for you, we've got you covered. Read on to learn how and why these tractors are helping to shape the future of agriculture.

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Compact Tractors vs. Utility Tractors

Large Utility Tractors have high horsepower and cover a lot of ground, but often that’s more than the average landowner needs. Compact tractors, on the other hand, come at a fraction of the cost and can be used in many ways, ranging from farming to gardening to landscaping. Below, we've listed a few of the many reasons that compact tractors are so widely loved.


All John Deere compact tractors are compatible with Category 1 hitch-type implements. This allows you to use the same machine for mowing, spreading seed, digging, tilling and countless more activities. You can save on space, money and time by storing and maintaining only one machine for all of these tasks.


As these machines are smaller than utility tractors, they're easier to handle and maneuver. With a wheelbase,or tractor width, of only 57.1 inches, the popular John Deere 1025R can be stored in a standard garage or shed. On top of saving on storage space, the size of these tractors make them great for maneuvering heavy-duty work in tight spaces. Chores like trail keeping, bush hogging and even orchard maintenance are made possible and much easier with a compact tractor.


The versatility of these machines lends to their efficiency. By using the smaller tractor, you can lower costs of gas and maintenance, and save time with the tight turning radius compared to larger models.


While compact tractors have much smaller engines than utility tractors, they have surprisingly great engine horsepower. John Deere's compact tractors range from 21-65 horsepower and 758-2500 lbs of lift capacity, making them great help for a wide variety of chores on your property.


We know that the investment in a tractor can be daunting. On top of a compact tractor's comparatively low cost, it will also save on maintenance and storage costs of all machinery this one unit can replace. Plus, rely on your dealership to stand behind your product with genuine parts and certified technicians. If you're still not sure that a compact tractor is right for you, give us a call or find a Heritage Tractor near you.

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