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All You Need to Know about Zero-Turn Mowers | Heritage Tractor

The best mowers not only give you a clean cut but do it with efficiency and ease. These are just a few characteristics of the renowned John Deere ZTrak zero-turn mowers. Unlike traditional lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers let you sit back and relax as you achieve a top-tier cut in half the time. This is possible due to the zero-turn mower's speed capabilities reaching up to 10 mph. These mowers also have a zero-degree turning radius allowing the operator to make 180-degree turns, leaving no patch of grass left behind. If you want to get in on the action, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the John Deere zero-turn lineup.

Residential Options

Z300 Series

The Z300 Series is a great introduction to the John Deere ZTrak lineup. Perfect for homeowners with modest land, the Z300 mowers have up to 24 hp available and can take on up to 4 acres. These mowers are more affordable than the rest of the ZTrak family and still offer comfort and precision with outstanding quality. All Z300 models are equipped with the Accel Deep mower deck known for its stamped-steel, deep, flat-top design that ensures superior cut quality, durability, and versatility.

Z500 Series

The Z500 Series offers a nice middle ground for homeowners seeking more power and control without breaking the bank. Get a more customized experience by choosing from 3 different seating heights, two engine options, and other adjustable controls. In addition to the Accel Deep mower decks, this series also includes models with high-capacity mower decks. High-capacity mower decks give the same optimal performance you love about Accel Deep decks while they disperse clippings at higher speeds for more aggressive jobs.

Z700 Series

The Z700 Series was created to take on the toughest mowing jobs on residential properties. The Z700 mowers have commercial-grade engines and user-friendly operator stations, giving the operator a premium experience. All models feature the High-Capacity PRO decks which have everything we love about the High-Capacity decks amplified. The dual transmission allows the mower to go up to 10 mph making it the fastest on the residential lineup.

Commercial Options

Zero-Turn mowers aren't just for tidying up your estate there are also commercial options! The Z900 Series consists of several models that can fulfill heavy-duty jobs on large properties without any problems. There are also models with diesel engines for superior performance. The Z900 Series can reach up to 12 mph and is equipped with serious horsepower, ranging from 35 hp to 37.4 hp. For smaller operations, select models of the Z700 Series can get the job done as well with their mighty High Capacity PRO mower decks.

7-Iron PRO mower deck

All mowers in the Z900 Series include the 7-Iron PRO mower deck. The 7-Iron PRO deck provides a high-quality cut in diverse conditions, as well as quality, durability, and performance. Stamped from 7-gauge steel, the deep-deck design delivers excellent airflow so material can be processed quickly and efficiently.

Now that you know what to expect from our John Deere zero-turn mowers you can claim your own. If you have any questions contact us or visit your nearest Heritage Tractor. 

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