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What Size Lawn Mower Do I Need?

Looking for a lawn mower can end up being more of a process than you bargained for. When looking at options, you might be left with more questions than answers. What mower would suffice for more than 3 acres? Do I need lawn attachments? What even is mulching? At Heritage Tractor, we aren’t going to add to your confusion. By the time you scroll to the bottom of this page, you will know exactly what kind of lawn mower you need. So you can stop searching and get to cutting.

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Less than 2 acres, flat, no obstacles

100 and 200 Series Lawn Tractor

The 100 and 200 Series lawn tractors will serve you right if you are looking for lawn equipment with no complications to give you a clean and simple cut. These are great for an average-sized lawn (no more than 2 acres) that has a flat and even surface and no obstacles to mow around. A benefit to keeping things simple with these lawn tractors is they are inexpensive while still performing well. The 200 Series boasts a little more horsepower and speed than the 100 Series, so it might be a good choice for those who want the job done quickly.

2-4 acres, minor hills and obstacles

X300 and X500 Series Select Series

If your lawn can be somewhat of an obstacle course to navigate, you should look in the direction of the Select Series Lawn Tractors. Select models are built with 4-wheel steering- as well as power steering - to make getting around the tricky parts of your lawn easy. They also have a greater range of deck sizes to cover more ground in less time. These can be great options if you're working on a property between 2-4 acres and may encounter hilly terrain. The more slope your terrain has, the more horsepower you'll want to seek, keep that in mind when determining which model is best for you.

2-4 acres, challenging terrain, added attachment capability

X500 and X700 Series Select Series

For more complex properties, a clean cut might be the primary goal but it isn't the end goal. If this sounds like the case for you, you’ll want to look into the X500 Series or X700 Series. The X500 and X700 models both have excellent durability and a boost in horsepower for challenging terrain. Still, they are also ideal choices for extra landscaping work such as tilling, aerating, and hauling. The X700 series is best suited for the most intense jobs. Not only do some models have full-time 4-wheel steering, but there are also models with decks up to 60-inches wide. Not to mention ultimate power with EFI and diesel engines.

Various lawn sizes, flat terrain, various obstacles

ZTrak Mowers

Lawn tractors are not the only mowing solutions there are. The ZTrak mower lineup is a popular choice among consumers and provides many benefits as well. If you have a property that has flat terrain and is quite spacious, you will love these mowers. The zero-turn ZTrak mowers are designed to get into tight spaces average mowers can't due to their zero-degree radius. They also are built with impressive speeds getting up to 10 mph to cover large grounds nearly half the time as traditional mowers. The Z300 Series can cover up to 2 acres, the Z500 up to 4, and the Z500 can tackle the most ambitious jobs of up to 8 or more acres.

We hope this cleared up the haze that you might have had around searching for your next mower. If you still have questions or want to see one for yourself before you commit, contact us or visit one of our many Heritage Tractor locations today!

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