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John Deere Lawn Mowers for Sale in Olathe, Kansas | Heritage Tractor

Though renowned for their tractors, John Deere is also a leader in home lawn and garden improvement and maintenance. They make a wide variety of lawnmowers designed to bring their legendary quality to the local Olathe homeowner. There's a John Deere mower for you, whether you need a lightweight, no-frills ride-on to cover a few quick passes, or you have significant acreage that needs to be managed. Heritage Tractor stocks a wide range of John Deere lawn mowers for sale in Olathe, KS.

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x500 series


John Deere makes several different models of standard ride-on lawn mowers. Starting with the straight forward 100 Series lawn mower and working their way up to the X700 Series, the formidable tractors feature a wide range of power options and cutting sizes. The E100 offers 12.5 hp and as you move up through the ranges, you can get to double that in certain X700 series models. But power isn't the only feature to consider. The cutting width is another huge factor and every John Deere lawn tractor delivers in spades. The smaller E100 series still features a deck size of over 40 inches while the larger X700 series can handle up to a 60-inch mower deck.

Some of the more powerful and larger models can also handle a number of select attachments, allowing you to get a little more done than just mowing. Tools like front blades, rotary tillers and sprayers can all be mounted and operated from larger models like the X500 and X700 line.

zero turn mower


Speed and precision is the name of the game for the John Deere residential zero-turn mowers. When you need a whole lot of yard mowed with a quickness, these are the mowers to turn to. Even the low end of the range features top speeds of 7 mph and opting into the Z700 series, you get a top mowing speed of 10 mph. As with the lawn tractors, deck sizes come in a wide range but can reach 64 inches wide. This increased speed and wider cutting area make quick work of even the biggest lawns. Their defining feature, a zero inch turning radius, also makes them ideal for navigating complicated landscaping and terrain.

When you're mowing day makes high demands of your time, the zero-turn mowers also feature a number of comfort improvements to reduce fatigue. Vibration damping rubber floor mats are available on most models. Thick, padded seats are standard and the Z700 Series even has a fully adjustable mechanical seat suspension that allows you to dial in your body weight for a personalized ride.

sub-compact tractor


If you've got your eye on some projects that require a bit more than your average ride-on mower can deliver but you really don't want to build a barn to store a full-sized tractor, look for the John Deere 1 Series sub-compact tractors. Only slightly larger than a traditional mower, these small tractors can still be parked in the garage. They also feature everything you would expect from an actual tractor. Front loader, backhoe, rotary tillers, box blades, the works. With an independent PTO, these tractors really do deliver the full functionality that their name implies.

Both models of subcompact tractor feature an AutoConnect mid-mount mower deck. When you';re ready to mow, all you have to do is put your tractor into the low range, toss it into 4 wheel drive and then just drive right over the mower deck. Don't worry, it's built to take it! From there, just listen as the PTO connects, lock it into place and off you go.

Regardless of what you;re going to ask of your mower, John Deere makes a model that can handle it. Drop by our Olathe location today and work with our friendly sales team to determine which model works for you. Whatever you choose, we promise you won't be disappointed.

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