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John Deere 317G Compact Track Loaders for Sale in Kansas

Compact track loaders are a force to be reckoned with. With an appealing horsepower-to-weight ratio, they can take care of anything from DIY projects in the backyard to maintaining acres of farmland.

If you're new to the equipment world, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for compact track loaders here in Kansas. How much horsepower will you need? What does your worksite look like? What's your price range? We'll help you break down everything you need to know about the 317G Compact Track Loader.

Small but Mighty

Even as the most affordable Compact Track Loader, the 317G doesn't fall short when it comes to power. This machine boasts a high-degree of pushing power to take care of heavy loads. With plenty of torque packed in its Final Tier 4 diesel engine, the 317G runs smooth and meets rigid emission standards. According to field tests, the 317G was up to 22% more fuel efficient than the Kubota SVL75-2, which increases your bottom line.

It has a lot to offer but one of this machine's greatest advantages is its slim frame. With the ability to fit through narrow openings, this Compact Track Loader is a great solution for tight spaces, smaller worksites and limited transportation options. Don't let the 317G's size fool you. This John Deere workhorse offers the breakout force needed to dig in where other machines just spin out.

Jack of All Trades, Master of all Trades

We'll let the specs speak for themselves. With 61 net horsepower, 2,125-lb rated operating capacity and 8,423-lb operating weight, the 317G Compact Track Loader can take care of a wide range of jobs.

  • Warehouses and facility maintenance. The 317G features a vertical lift that allows operators to get up close to trucks, walls or buildings, making it the perfect machine for loading materials.
  • Farms. Being linked to the land means you need a shed full of tools that are ready to work. Haul bales, move dirt, drill holes and transport materials with the 317G's range of attachments.
  • Land management and backyard maintenance. With various mowing and landscaping attachments available, the 317G offers reliable stability and an increased grip on muddy, uneven terrain.

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John Deere vs. Kubota

Our field tests show that the 317G is no match for the competition. The John Deere skid steer was 27% faster in grading applications than the like-model Kubota. Additionally, owning and maintaining your John Deere is much less expensive as the arts and fluids for the 317G are less than half the price of Kubota's.

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As your one-stop-shop for all John Deere equipment, parts and service, we pride ourselves on employing a staff that is committed to your success.

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With a full line of John Deere equipment and hundreds of attachments available, we carry what you need. Our team has the necessary knowledge to find the perfect solution for your land and budget.

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Accidents happen and machines need regular tune-ups. We employ factory-certified Service Technicians and after-hours emergency support to make sure you never have to go long without your workhorse