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A Homeowner's Guide to Gardening with the John Deere 1 Series

Finding the right tractor can feel overwhelming, especially if you're shopping on a budget, or not sure what you need for your property. John Deere's compact utility tractors are perfect for homeowners working on their own homestead garden. If you're going to invest in a tractor, though, you want to know how it can help you out. At Heritage Tractor, we're happy to help you find the best tractor for your home.

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Quick Stats

  • 21.5 horsepower
  • 14.9 PTO power
  • 758 lb lift capacity
  • No cruise control
  • 23.9 horsepower
  • 17.2 PTO power
  • 758 lb lift capacity
  • Standard cruise control

What's In It For You?

John Deere's 1 Series can make for a great and affordable home gardening tool that will save you time and benefit your home projects. Here, we've broken down some of the most beneficial elements of these compact tractors.

Save Time

First and foremost, we recommend compact tractors as a time saver and a long-term investment that will help to save time on your projects. With implements like the 270B Backhoe or the 300E Loader, you can let your tractor do all of the heavy lifting-and digging-for you.

Grow More

The 1 Series is compatible with several user-friendly implements and attachments to help with the consistency and thoroughness required for fertilization and soil treatment. Pick from implements like the Standard-Duty Tiller, Core Aerator, and Spin Spreader to treat your soil, fertilize your plants and easily grow healthy crops.

Do Your Own Work

Most chores become a one-person job with the capabilities of a John Deere compact tractor. Cutting down on your labor, means more time to enjoy the fruits of it. Do all of the lifting, digging, mulching and more, and do it your way, on your time.

Need More?

If you need more horsepower or are dealing with a larger property, no worries. All of the implements mentioned above are compatible with all John Deere 1-4 Series, offering options up to 50 horsepower and 2500 lb lift capacity. Call or visit one of our experts to learn which tractor will be best for you.

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