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5 Ways to Use a Skid Steer

While skid steers are often classified as compact construction equipment, they can be used for a variety of other tasks. In fact, the first version of a skid steer built in 1957 was designed for cleaning out turkey barns. Skid steers are some of the most versatile machines on job sites thanks to there being numerous machine sizes and attachment options. Skid steers have sister machines called compact track loaders (CTLs). People commonly refer to CTLs as track skid steers since they look the same other than skid steers having tires and CTLs having tracks. You might be wondering, why create some units with tires and others with tracks? The answer is so you can have a machine that's built to excel in your specific work environment. Skid steers are great for working on hard surfaces such as concrete whereas compact track loaders are designed for softer and uneven terrains. Check out some of the most popular ways these machines are used.

Ways to Use Skid Steers & Compact Track Loaders


With farming being the driving force in the invention of skid steers, it is the first category to make our list. There are endless ways you can use skid steers for farm work but we'll go through some of the most popular ones. You can attach a bale spear and use it for stacking and putting out hay. You can hook up a rotary cutter and clear overgrown trails and pastures. If you need to put in a fence row, you can use a post hole digger attachment and let it do the hard work for you. You can also use auger attachments for planting trees. These machines are the perfect size for cleaning out barn stalls and chicken houses, all you need to do is attach your desired bucket and get to scooping.


Some of the most common applications for skid steers and compact track loaders are construction projects. If you have a construction company, these machines are a must have. They can be used for ground prep work, hauling materials, finish work, and everything in between. Thanks to John Deere's numerous skid steer attachments, you can make quick work of most any project. Take on breaking concrete pads with a hydraulic jackhammer attachment, do leveling work for building pads, and more. These machines aren't called the workhorses of job sites for nothing.


Digging, leveling, backfilling - you name it, they'll do it. CTLs and skid steers are made for playing in the dirt. Well maybe not quite playing, but it kind of feels like it because they do it with such ease. John Deere has several skid steer attachment options you can use for dirt work. Some of the most popular ones are augers, trenchers, and backhoes. If you want a machine that can move dirt quickly, these are the machines to get.


Made for moving dirt, compact track loaders and skid steers are no strangers to roadwork. From dirt to pavement, ditches to guardrails, these machines make the rough ways smooth. You can use a blade attachment to level dirt, or to push it in stock piles for later. You can use a side discharge bucket for putting out dirt or gravel so you can smoothly and evenly distribute it with materials. Looking for a way to compact each layer of dirt as you're building a road bed? Attach a vibratory roller to the front of the CTL and you are ready to go.


If landscaping is what you do, then compact track loaders are a must. They are compact, strong, and can maneuver without disrupting the soil or grass bed. Two of the most popular attachments for hauling landscaping materials are buckets and pallet forks. They are also great for tilling garden beds, cultivating the soil, planting seeds, mulching wood, and more. They are the perfect size for navigating through trees and flower beds and sturdy enough for hauling heavy materials.

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CTLs & Skid Steers At Heritage Tractor

At Heritage Tractor, we know how important it is for you to have the right equipment for the job. Reach out to us for more information on how these machines can help make your job easier.