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John Deere 1025R: Everything You Need To Know

Living near West Plains, Missouri and looking for a small tractor to make your life easier? John Deere's 1025R tractors are made for just that. Everything about the way it's designed makes the operator's job easier. With easy-to-use TwinTouchTM pedals for directional control and power steering, operating these tractors is a dream. Let's walk you through the specifics of these tractors, ways you can use them, and how to keep them running for years to come.



  • Engine: Tier 4-compliant diesel engine
  • Operator Station: Open or Cab
  • Engine Power: 23.9 hp
  • Power Take-Off PTO: 17.2 hp
  • Hitch Type: Limited Category 1
  • Transmission: Hydrostatic - two range
  • Cruise Control: Standard
Take a Closer Look at Our John Deere 1025R Tractors

Ways You Can Use It

  • Freshen up your yard

    John Deere 1R tractors are made for yard work. With John Deere's Drive-Over AutoConnectTM Mid-Mount mower deck, mowing your lawn is easier than ever. To connect the mower deck, all you have to do is drive over the deck ramps on the mower deck and listen for the deck and PTO to attach. Once they are attached, set your desired cutting height on the Height of Cut knob, lock in the gauge wheels about an inch off the ground, and you are ready to get mowing. The whole process can be done in under a minute.

  • Plant a garden

    Ready for some homegrown vegetables but haven't been able to convince yourself it's worth the effort? Convincing yourself is a lot easier when there's a John Deere 1025R tractor in the picture. These tractors make every job easier, even gardening. Connect to a John Deere Tiller and you can have your garden bed ready in a matter of minutes. With the help of a bucket on the front-end loader, you can easily haul your plants and gardening materials. These small tractors are perfect for putting in small-medium sized gardens.

  • Feed the animals

    Tending to animals can be time consuming and exhausting, especially if you have a number of them, but it doesn't have to be. Take out the heavy lifting and the time spent walking between feeding areas, and tending to animals gets a lot easier. You can use the front-end loader on John Deere's 1025R to haul feed, water, and bedding for animals. The bucket is also great for hauling waste to a compost pile or disposing area.

Property Maintenance Tips and Tricks

How To Maintain a 1025R

Part of owning a tractor is maintaining it, at least if you hope to have it running for years to come. If your tractor has been sitting for an extended period, it's a good idea to check under the hood to see birds and rodents have built nests or chewed through wiring before starting it up. It's also important to periodically check your tractor's wheel bolts to ensure they are tight. After using your tractor for dirt work or clearing overgrowth, use an air compressor or leaf blower to unclog the radiator screens. Dirty screens can lead to the tractor overheating and cause a lot of avoidable damage. Aside from doing routine maintenance, it's important to service the tractor at least once a year. At our dealership in West Plains, we have certified technicians that will thoroughly inspect your machine to make sure everything is working properly and there aren't any underlying issues.

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