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Correction Signal

  • Provides +/- 1 inch pass-to-pass accuracy season after season, and year after year
  • Allows you to use RTK precision in difficult areas such as hilly terrain because there is no line-of-sight requirement to the base station.
  • No need to manually switch base stations as you move between fields — you can roam anywhere within the network and have access to the RTK correction signal.
  • Requires a StarFire 6000 receiver, SF3 Ready Activation, RTK Ready Activation
  • Requires John Deere Mobile RTK subscription

Maintenance Plans


Achieve critical accuracy of in-field operations Achieve critical accuracy of in-field operations
Achieve critical accuracy of in-field operations Achieve critical accuracy of in-field operations

As equipment gets larger and margins tighter, accuracy of in-field operations and input placement is more critical than ever.

When making a pass in a field, traveling from one end of the field to another, the position accuracy of the return pass is critical. Pass-to-pass accuracy means the planter guess rows will be accurate and subsequent passes are less likely to result in crop damage.

Repeatability defines how accurately the receiver calculates its position over a relatively long time window.

This solution utilizes RTK correction data from the John Deere Mobile RTK network. A machine equipped with a John Deere Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) and JDLink™ connectivity enabled can connect through the JDLink cellular network and John Deere Mobile RTK network to get repeatable RTK correction data wherever the coverage of both networks is available.

John Deere Mobile RTK requires:

  • StarFire™ 3000 or StarFire 6000 Receiver and activations
    • StarFire 3000 – SF2 Ready activation and RTK Ready activation
    • StarFire 6000 – SF3 Ready activation and RTK Ready activation
  • John Deere MTG with JDLink connectivity enabled
  • John Deere Mobile RTK signal subscription
John Deere Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG) John Deere Modular Telematics Gateway (MTG)

John Deere Mobile RTK allows producers to farm fields miles apart or in rolling terrain without the need to switch towers. This ensures boundaries and guidance lines will not shift if the incorrect tower is selected. The John Deere Mobile RTK system leverages differential corrections delivered via cellular technology to achieve RTK accuracy and repeatability. The MTG on the machine connects to the JDLink cellular network that provides the machine access to the  internet.  RTK corrections are then sent via the internet to the machine.

NOTE: John Deere Mobile RTK is supported with the 18-1 MTG software update, enabling machine-to-wireless feature of MTG 4G LTE as a network connection method.