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Integral Drill

  • Productive seedbox capacities
  • Double-disk furrow openers
  • Reliable, durable convoluted seed tubes
  • Seed metering system

Maintenance Plans


Productive seedbox capacities

Seedbox Seedbox

Seedboxes have a large capacity for longer intervals between stops for refilling. 


 Drill Total box capacity L/m (bu/ft)
4.6-m (15-ft) model  1480 L (42 bu)   321.7 L/m (2.8 bu/ft)
6.1-m (20-ft) model  1409.6 L (40 bu)   231.1 L/m (2.0 bu/ft)

All boxes are plain grain with a large, single lid for accessing the seedbox.

Double-disk furrow openers

Double-disk opener Double-disk opener
Double-disk opener Double-disk opener

Double-disk openers create a furrow in which seed is placed. They work best in a prepared seedbed and leave the field relatively smooth, with minimal soil throw.


The double-disk openers are available with 152.4-mm, 190.5-mm, and 254-mm (6-in., 7.5-in., and 10-in.) row spacings. The 152.4-mm (6-in.) spaced drills have nominal residue flow in minimum till conditions. The 190.5-mm (7.5-in.) spacing is recommended for wet, sticky soil conditions such as the Red River Valley.

Cast-aluminum boots are standard equipment. Openers come with a zigzag pattern, with alternate short and long drawbars, to provide good trash flow in varied field conditions. The alternating of blades with a right/left leading-edge offset improves penetration.


Blades are offset with a 6.35-mm (1/4-in.) leading edge, and the pinch point is close to where the blades meet the soil for better penetration and residue cutting.


Compare the specifications of up to 4 models

Key Specs 1520-integral-drill
Current Model
Transport width - 15
Transport width - 2020 ft
Weight - 15
Weight - 204180 lb
Plain grain - 15
Plain grain - 2040 bu
Number of openers - 15
Number of openers - 2040, 32, 24
Spacing - 15
Spacing - 206, 7.5, 10 in.
Transport Width20 ft
Transport Height6, 5 ft, in.
Overall Length6, 4 ft, in.
Weight4180 lb
Plain Grain40 bu
Opener Assembly
Number of Openers40, 32, 24
Spacing6, 7.5, 10 in.
Down PressureStd. hand-crank, opt. active
Disk13.5 offset .25 in.
Gauge Wheels2, 9.5Lx14, 8 PR
Press WheelsStd. 2x13-in.
Closing Wheels

Accessories and Attachments



Seed agitatorSeed agitator

A grain agitator is available to help move seed to the meters. Agitators are recommended for drilling trashy, inoculated, or very light or large seed. Required for drilling peas.

Grass seed attachmentGrass seed attachment

The grass seed attachment is used for accurate metering of grasses, forages, small grains and oil crops such as canola. This attachment is well suited for set-aside ground and waterways.


The grass seed attachment mounts to the rear of 1520 grain box and meters seed by fluted feed cups. The seed tube delivers the seed to the double disk opener placing the seed in the seed furrow.

Opener assembly with press wheel arm and handle - Left-hand, long - BA32023

Opener assembly with press wheel arm and handle - Left-hand, short - BA32022

Opener assembly with press wheel arm and handle - Right-hand, long - BA32021

Opener assembly with press wheel arm and handle - Right-hand, short - BA32020

Track eradicatorsTrack eradicators

Track eradicators include S-tine shanks (less sweeps).


S-tine shanks track eradicators with sweeps are available. These are used to lift tractor tire tracks from the seedbed. The track eradicators attach to the drill frame in front of the openers.


NOTE: Not compatible with coulter cart. May need to adjust at Quik-Coupler.