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Utility Tractor

  • PowrQuad™ PLUS or Powr8™ transmission options
  • Choose climate-controlled cab or open station
  • Hitch lift capacity starting at 6,975 lb (3,164 kg) and optional up to 7,868 lb (3,569 kg)

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Adjust to job with flexible wheel spacing

Additional flexibility with bar axle on 5M adds to rear axle offerings Additional flexibility with bar axle on 5M adds to rear axle offerings

Whether fitting down a row spacing, straddling a windrow, or a wide stance for stability mowing on hills – there is a 5M configuration to meet operator’s needs. The rack-and-pinion (better known as ‘bar’) axle joins the existing flange axle offerings of the 5M adding nearly 25.4 cm (10 in.) of tread width on rear axles and brings additional options such as cast wheels that unlock the compatibility for duals. This increased flexibility all comes in the same versatile 5M tractor.

  • 134.874 cm (53.1 in.) to 205.486 cm (80.9 in.) wheel tread range on flange axle configurations
  • Up to 228.6 cm (90 in.) wheel tread range on bar axle configuration
  • Find the fit with fixed flange axle or fine-tune with adjustable bar axle offerings
  • Increased ballast options with cast wheel offerings for bar axles
  • Increase flotation with duals compatible with cast wheels on bar axles

Both the bar and flange axles are proven designs used on tractors for years, but this is the first time that bar axles have been brought to the 5-Series lineup.

Bar axle shown with steel wheelt Bar axle shown with steel wheelt
Flange axle with steel wheel Flange axle with steel wheel

Consult the operator’s manual for specific wheel spacing configurations by tire offering.

Premium cab for the ultimate operating experience

5M Tractor Premium Cab with panorama roof 5M Tractor Premium Cab with panorama roof

Experience ultimate operator experience in comfort and convenience by upgrading to the Premium Cab on 5M tractors. Upgrading to the Premium Cab unlocks a fixed panorama roof ideal for loader work.

  • Improve upward visibility by 80 percent vs standard cab for easier bale stacking, pallet stacking, and dumping loads into walled trailers with the panorama roof
  • Additional storage space with the rear floor mat behind the seat
  • Excellent visibility to rear operations with the rearview mirror
  • Shield the operator from the sun with an easy-to-use front sunshade


Standard Cab

Premium Panorama Roof Cab

Deluxe isolated cab with flat floor



Tilt and telescopic steering column



Convenience power outlet



Air conditioning and heater






Beverage Holder



Sun visor for front window



Two-speed front windshield wiper and washer



Two front/two rear roof-mounted worklights



Two front/two rear roof-mounted warning lights



Two fender-mounted taillights



120Amp Alternator



Convenience power outlet



Monitor mounting bosses (two Sets)



Swing-out rear window with two removable rear plugs for monitor



Right-hand console light



Radio preparation (with speakers, wiring)



Rear window grab handle



Bluetooth® ready



Requires option code 3025 (Deluxe cornerpost exhaust).



Fixed panorama roof with shade



Radio (Bluetooth® and Satellite Capable)



Rear window wiper



Radio antenna



Requires option code 4030 (ElectroHydraulic (EH) rear hitch)



Requires option code 6040 (MFWD)





Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

Heavy-duty 3-point hitch lift capacity for implement versatility

5M Tractor 3-point hitch 5M Tractor 3-point hitch

Heavy-duty 3-point hitch provides lift capacity and adjustability for implement versatility with Category 2 implements or adaptable to Category 1. Precisely raise and lower heavy implements such as planters, sprayers, and field cultivators, using the rockshaft control lever. The operator can also adjust the speed at which an implement is lowered by adjusting the rockshaft rate of drop.

  • Convenience hooking up implements with telescoping draft links, adjustable sway bars, and interchangeable hitch balls with the choice of either mechanical or electrohydraulic controls. 
  • Consistency when lowering hitch with depth stop on both mechanical and electrohydraulic hitch controls - each time the position control lever is pushed forward, it stops where the depth stop has been positioned. Useful when preparing a seedbed. 
  • Compatible with implements needed to perform multiple jobs. Increased lift capacity is available with optional larger cylinders. See Specifications for lift capacity by model. 
  • Convenience when leveling implements with right lift link being able to adjust without tools - lift links can be adjusted for lateral float to allow implements with gauge wheels or skids to follow the ground contour 
Additional details

Mechanical or electrohydraulic hitch control operation 

Raise and lower rear implements with precision with either the mechanical or electrohydraulic (EH) hitch control. The operator can also adjust the speed at which an implement is lowered by adjusting the rockshaft rate of drop. 

The mechanical hitch control is paired with the tractors equipped with a PowrReverser™ transmission while the EH hitch control is paired with units equipped with a PowrQuad™ PLUS or Powr8™ transmission. Both control types enable the operator to adjust the speed at which an implement can be lowered by adjusting the rockshaft rate of drop. In addition to this feature, the EH hitch control adds repeatable movements by enabling the operator to set both an upper and lower limit.

The adjustable depth stop (found on both control types) provides consistency when lowering the hitch. Each time the position control lever is pushed forward, it stops where the depth stop has been positioned. This feature is a value to anyone who desires a consistent, level ground, like when preparing a seedbed. 
The center link can be set in one of three positions to accurately set the implement position and draft sensing. The right lift link is adjustable without tools for added convenience when leveling implements. 

Optional larger cylinders:


Cylinder diameter 

Lift capacity at 610-mm (24-in) behind lift point 

PowrReverser™ transmission models 

Two 65-mm (2.56-in.) cylinders 




See specifications for lift capacity. 

PowrReverser models with optional high-capacity hitch 

One 65-mm (2.56-in.) cylinder 
One 75-mm (2.95-in.) cylinder 

PowrQuad PLUS or Powr8 transmission models

Two 75-mm (2.95-in.) cylinders 

PowrQuad PLUS or Powr8 models with optional high-capacity hitch

Two 80-mm (3.15-in.) cylinders 

Rear fender hitch controls
5M rear fender hitch controls 5M rear fender hitch controls

Operators do not need to carry a tool to adjust the rear hitch. Operators can also raise and lower the 3-point hitch from outside of the tractor with the conveniently located rear fender hitch controls.

Rear quick hitch
Rear quick hitch Rear quick hitch
Sideview of quick hitch shown on 5M Sideview of quick hitch shown on 5M

An updated three-point quick hitch is offered on the 5M Tractors.

  • This updated design is a break from the existing welded quick hitch as the frame is cast.
  • The curved design eliminates the potential for contact with the rear fender and extensions.
  • The quick hitch is available as a field kit option.
Sway bars
5M Tractor sway bars 5M Tractor sway bars

Adjustable sway bars and telescoping draft links can be easily adjusted to adapt to a wide variety of implements. The right lift link also adjusts without tools for added convenience when leveling implements. 

Focus on the job while AutoTrac™ guidance keeps on track

Mowing with AutoTrac™ Mowing with AutoTrac™

Manage in-field efficiency and reduce operator fatigue by engaging AutoTrac on your 5M tractor. AutoTrac provides operators with a hands-free guidance solution with accuracy on a variety of field conditions.


Enable the following benefits by equipping your 5M Tractors with AutoTrac Ready, a 4240 Universal Display and a StarFire™ receiver:

  • Simple and user friendly
  • Reduces operator fatigue and error
  • Saves time by eliminating implement overlap
  • Optimizes machine efficiency
  • Increase data driven decisions by documenting jobs


Potential jobs to use with AutoTrac:

  • Cutting hay
  • Over seeding
  • Cultivation
  • Disking
  • Spraying
  • Mowing
  • Planting
  • Fertilizer applications
  • Pulling in irrigation pipe
  • Cutting ditches
  • Transplanting
  • Harvesting


Learn more about the benefits of 4240 universal display.

Learn more about the benefits of a Starfire 6000 receiver.


Take charge with PowrQuad™ PLUS and Powr8™ transmissions

Integrated declutch and gear buttons on single transmission control lever Integrated declutch and gear buttons on single transmission control lever

A more productive transmission in a mid-spec utility tractor is found with PowrQuad PLUS and Powr8 transmissions which builds on the clutchless hydraulic shifting between forward and reverse of the PowrReverser™ transmissions with simple push-button gear shifting.

  • Ergonomically placed transmission control lever allows the operator to change gears and ranges using one lever
  • Improved efficiencies by reducing steps to change gears by 35 percent
  • Effortlessly switch directions with a small finger motion using the electrohydraulic fingertip directional lever
  • Ideal for loader work and any applications that require frequent directional changes in tight spaces
  • Eliminates wear on the clutch by automating gear shifts at the push of a button
Additional details

The PowrQuad™ transmission can be ordered with three different options to meet producer needs: PowrQuad™ PLUS 16F/16R, Powr8™ 32F/16R or the Powr8™ 32F/16R with creeper found on standard 5Ms.


PowrQuad/Powr8 transmissions include:

  • Wet clutch
  • Ergonomically mounted transmission lever controlling both gear and range changes
  • Declutch button on the range lever for range shifting optionally without use of foot clutch
  • Left-hand reverser for seamless directional changes
  • Constant-mesh, helical-cut gears
  • Pressure-lubricated top shaft
  • Positive park pawl
  • Three-speed PTO
  • Neutral start switch
Integrated declutch and gear buttons on transmission control lever Integrated declutch and gear buttons on transmission control lever

Ranges on the transmission control can be selected by moving the controller in an H pattern. The lever selects ranges A, B, C, or D. Ranges are fully synchronized. That means when upshifting, operators can move between any range A-D without stopping the tractor.


Two buttons allow operators to gear up (rabbit) or gear down (turtle) within a range. A PowrQuad has 4 gear speeds per range while a Powr8 has 8 per forward range which is precisely how they got their names.

Power bulge and torque reserve pull through the tough spots

Power bulge and torque curve Power bulge and torque curve

When the tractor is under load, power bulge and torque rise work together to get through the tough spots without having to downshift.


As rpm drops, the only way to maintain or increase horsepower is to provide additional torque. Whether bailing wet hay or lifting a heavy load, the additional power allows the tractor to continue performing the job without stopping. The rated economy power take-off (EPTO) speed occurs near the peak torque rise providing power when operator need it in PTO applications.

  • Increased productivity in demanding conditions with more power when operator need it
  • More lugging ability for quicker power recovery
  • Additional torque provides force to remain horsepower as engine rpm drops below rated speed
Additional Details

Horsepower and torque are mathematically related.


5M 4-Cylinder tractors provide 4% power bulge while 5E 4-Cylinder tractors provide 2% power bulge. Note: There is no power bulge on 3-Cylinder tractors (5E 3-Cylinder or 5075M).


5E 4-Cylinder Power and Torque Curves

5E power curve summary 5E power curve summary
5E torque curve summary 5E torque curve summary
5M Power and Torque Curves
5M power curve summary 5M power curve summary
5M torque curve summary 5M torque curve summary

Heavy base tractor weight for stability

Tractor weight package Tractor weight package

Keep implements in the ground with more down force that comes from a heavy tractor. The compactness of the 5M Series regarding wheelbase, weight, and total height tractor makes this tractor suited for a variety of different applications and is the perfect choice for all types of farms. 

  • Improved traction and performance in the field 
  • Ability to power through tough jobs with heavy and durable cast steel 
  • Better stability when performing loader work 
  • Transport full bucket loads faster and lift bales higher with a stronger and more stable base 
Additional details

See specifications for machine weight.

EPA Final Tier 4 (FT4) compliant engines with maximum fluid efficiency

PowerTech™ PWL FT4 technology PowerTech™ PWL FT4 technology

All John Deere engines are designed and engineered specifically for agricultural applications. The engine powering 5 Series tractors is EPA certified Tier Level 4. 

  • Efficient and cost-effective operation 
  • Allows for greater productivity and ease of operation 
  • Responsive power reducing the need to downshift the transmission 
Additional details

The U.S. EPA and Environment Canada requires all off-road diesel engines with 18.6 kW (25 hp) or more to meet stringent FT4 emissions regulations.  


PowerTech EWL/EWR/EWX/PWL/PWS/PSS/PVS engine identification

NOTE: find a tractor’s 3 character engine identification by referencing the ‘engine description’ in specifications.





  • X – DOC and DPF
  • S - Exhaust filter and SCR
  • R – DOC and EGR
  • L - DOC and SCR


  • V - Variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) 
  • S - Series turbochargers 
  • W - Wastegate turbocharger 


  • P - PowerTech Plus 
  • E - PowerTech E 


Several defining features on 5 Series tractors maximize the performance and reliability of the emissions package. A completely shielded DOC/DPF/SCR not only protects essential components from damage, it also keeps out dirt and debris. The well-packaged and tightly organized circulation system means there is more room to work around the tractor.

Key components of the emissions system
Shielded for protection Shielded for protection

Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC), diesel particulate filter (DPF), and cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)

Deere has chosen to utilize an exhaust filter (DOC) and/or diesel particulate filter (DPF) to reduce particulate material so the engine can operate at a level which produces less nitrogen oxide (NOx). With less NOx created, it requires less DEF to treat or no DEF for 3-cylinder models. The result is improved total fluid economy (diesel and DEF). Some applications also reduce NOx using cooled exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) that allows a controlled amount of exhaust gas to be returned to the engine leading to lower combustion temperature for a cleaner, more efficient exhaust.

The engine is programmed to aggressively respond to changes in power needs, which can temporarily increase particulate matter. Since the exhaust filter removes particulate matter instead of the engine, the engine is left free to do what it is designed to do – deliver all of the power, torque, plus transient response needed at the exact moment needed. 


Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

DEF is an ISO 22241 standard aqueous urea solution consisting of 32.5 percent urea and has a freezing point of -11° C (12° F). A DEF tank keeps the operator in the field longer even when the temperatures drop below freezing. The DEF tank header is integrated with a temperature sensor and plumbed engine coolant lines are used to promote thawing and prevent freezing in the tank during operation. 

DEF tank DEF tank

Mounted near the DEF tank, the engine control unit (ECU)-controlled supply module draws DEF from the storage tank and provides a pressurized flow to the dosing module. When the ignition key is off, the supply module pump will reverse direction to return any accumulated fluid back to the tank. The supply module is also fitted with a replaceable filter to prevent contaminants from entering the dosing lines. Both the supply module and dosing lines are electrically heated and controlled by the ECU to determine when diesel exhaust fluid dosing can begin.


Selective catalytic reduction (SCR)

SCR is the final step in the process of reducing engine exhaust emissions to meet FT4 regulations. This process allows for the flow of engine exhaust dosed with DEF to pass from the SCR, reducing the presence of NOx converting it from NH3 to N2 (nitrogen gas) and H20 (water). The SCR canister is a welded, stainless assembly which requires no service. It also serves as a thermal insulator and provides additional noise reduction.


For more information regarding EPA regulations and the technology behind John Deere Integrated Emissions Control systems, please visit the following link: http://www.deere.com/wps/dcom/en_US/campaigns/ag_turf/emissions/final_tier_4.page or https://www.deere.ca/en/engines-and-drivetrain/final-tier-4/


Compare the specifications of up to 4 models

Key Specs 5130m-utility-tractor
Current Model
Engine descriptionJohn Deere PowerTech™ 4045 EWL
Engine displacement4 cylinder: 4.5 L
276 cu in.
Rated engine powerAt 2200 rpm: 95.8 kW
130 hp
Maximum engine power99.9 kW
133.9 hp
Rated PTO power (hp SAE)At 2100 rpm: 84.5 kW
115 hp
Maximum PTO power
Transmission typeStandard: PowrQuad™ PLUS 16F/16R
Optional: Powr8™ 32F/16R
Powr8™ 32F/16R with creeper
Hydraulic pump rated output97 L/min
25.6 gpm
Rear hitch category (SAE designation)Category 2; convertible to 1
Base machine weight3964 kg (8,740 lb)
Maximum engine power PS (hp ISO) at max engine speed (EU 2016/1628)
Rated engine power PS (hp ISO) at rated engine speed (EU 2016/1628)
Engine specifications
DescriptionJohn Deere PowerTech™ 4045 EWL
Engine type4045HLV82
Engine familyNJDXL04.5317
Rated speed2200 rpm
AspirationTurbocharged/air-to-air aftercooled
Cylinders linersWet sleeved
Emission levelFinal Tier 4
After treatment typeDOC/SCR
Displacement4 cylinder: 4.5 L
276 cu in.
Engine performance
Rated powerAt 2200 rpm: 95.8 kW
130 hp
Rated PTO power (hp SAE)At 2100 rpm: 84.5 kW
115 hp
Maximum PTO power
Intelligent Power Management (IPM)
Power boostAt 1900 rpm: 4 percent
Maximum engine power99.9 kW
133.9 hp
Engine peak torqueAt 1600 rpm: 541 Nm
399 lb-ft
Drawbar power
PTO torque riseAt 1600 rpm: 30 percent
Fuel injection system and control
Air cleaner type
Maximum engine power PS (hp ISO) at max engine speed (EU 2016/1628)
Rated engine power PS (hp ISO) at rated engine speed (EU 2016/1628)
TypeStandard: PowrQuad™ PLUS 16F/16R
Optional: Powr8™ 32F/16R
Powr8™ 32F/16R with creeper
ReverserLeft hand, electrohydraulic
Clutch; wet/dryWet
CreeperPowr8™ 32F/16R with creeper
Hydraulic system
TypeOpen center
Pump rated output97 L/min
25.6 gpm
Available flow at a single rear SCV73 L/min
19.3 gpm
Available flow at front SCVs
Number of rear selective control valves (SCVs)Standard: Two
Optional: Three
Number of mid selective control valves (SCVs)Standard: Two
Optional: Up to Three
Number of front selective control valves (SCVs)
Joystick SCV controlMechanical
Auxiliary hydraulic features
SCV control
Rear hitch
Hitch draft control load sense typeElectrohydraulic
Remote control valves availableStandard: Two
Optional: Three
Hitch category (SAE designation)Category 2; convertible to 1
Maximum lift capacity behind lift pointsStandard: 3164 kg
6975 lb
Optional: 3569 kg
7868 lb
Lift capacity at standard frame
Sensing typeLower link
Rear axle differential lockElectrohydraulic
Drawbar categoryCategory 2
Maximum vertical loadRoad/field use (250-mm extended): 1450 kg
3197 lb
Field use (350-mm extended): 1200 kg
2646 lb
Field use (400-mm extended): 1200 kg
2646 lb
Rear power take-off (PTO)
TypeIndependent, 34.9 mm (1.375 in)
Standard: 540/540 Economy (6 spline)
Optional: 540/540E (6 spline) and 1000 rpm (21 spline) reversible shaft
Engine rpm (at rated PTO speeds)540 at 2100 rpm
540E at 1645 rpm
1000 at 2100 rpm
Economy PTO speeds
Reverse PTO speeds
Multispeed PTO option availability
Ground speed PTO option availability
PTO actuationElectrohydraulic
Front hitch
CategoryCategory 2
Electric power
Standard lift capacity1931 kg
4257 lb
Front power take-off (PTO)1000 rpm (21 spline) 34.9 mm (1.375 in.)
PTO speed1000 at 2200 rpm
Rear axle
TypeStandard: Flange
Optional: Rack-and-pinion (Bar)
Final drive typeInboard planetary
Differential controlsElectrohydraulic
Axle type
Brakes, type and controlHydraulic wet disc
Rear differential lock
Load rating
Front axle
TypeMechanical Front Wheel Drive (MFWD)
Front axle differential lock
Load rating
RearMFWD: 18.4R30 (460/85R30) R1W Radial
Wheel tread rangeMFWD: front: 1299-1997 mm
51.1-78.6 in.
rear: 1350-2286 mm
53.1-90 in.
Turning radius with brakesMFWD: 3.85 m
12.6 ft
Turning radius without brakesMFWD: 4.0 m
13.1 ft
Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS)
Tread spacing
Drive type
Track width
Primary brake (foot brake)
Secondary brake
Park lock
MFWD braking
Front axle brakes
Auxiliary brakes
Hydraulic trailer brakes
Pneumatic trailer brakes
Electrical system
Alternator sizeCab: 120 amp
ISOBUS/GreenStar™ Ready: 200 amp
Battery options12 V
Working lightsStandard: Halogen
Optional: LED
Type of bulb in headlight (Halogen, Zenon, LED)Standard: Halogen
Optional: LED
Type of bulb in beacon (Halogen, Zenon, LED)Optional: LED
dB(A) rating for backup alarm
Total cold cranking amps
Operator station
Rollover protective structure, OOS
SeatStandard: Mechanical suspension
Optional: air ride or premium air ride
Cab suspension
Instructional seatOptional
DisplayDigital Dash Display with three liquid crystal displays (LCDs)
Inner cab volume
dB(A) rating78 dBA
Cab glass area
Safety glass rating
Front visibility
Wheelbase2350 mm
92.5 in.
Overall width
Overall lengthOOS: 4081 mm
160 in.
Cab: 4089 mm
161 in.
Overall height
Drawbar clearance
Front axle center
Approximate shipping weight, Open;Cab4175 kg
9185 lb
Base machine weight3964 kg (8,740 lb)
Maximum ballast level
Maximum permissible weight
Crankcase oil volume
Fuel tank165.4 L
43.7 U.S. gal.
Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank12.0 L
3.17 U.S. gal.
Cooling system
Transmission-hydraulic system
Interval for engine oil change
Interval for hydraulic/transmission oil change
Interval for engine coolant change
Lift capacity at full height
Maximum lift height
Leveling type
Precision AG
GuidanceOptional: AutoTrac™ with AutoTrac Basic
Remote diagnostics
AutoTrac readyOptional
ISOBUS readyOptional
CommandCenter video inputs
Side slope rating
Uphill/downhill slope rating
Country of manufacturePune, India