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Disc Mowers

  • Rope System transport latch
  • Quick-remove shear hub assembly
  • DM5050 & 5060 iMatch and Quick Coupler compatible
  • DM5070 Cat. 2 Quick Coupler compatible

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Simple float spring tension adjustment

DM50 Series float spring tension adjustment DM50 Series float spring tension adjustment

Set the float spring to get maximum performance during operation. Adjust properly so the down pressure does not damage crop stubble as the skid shoes pass through the field.

Park stand and arm system

Park stand in park position Park stand in park position
Park stand in operating position Park stand in operating position

The DM50 Series Disc Mower park stand and parking arm work together to transfer the mower’s weight to the cutterbar while in the parked position. This makes the attachment process easier, saving time and frustration.

Park arm in park position Park arm in park position
Park arm in operating position Park arm in operating position

Shear hub assembly serviceability

Oval-shaped disc removed Oval-shaped disc removed

Cutterbar serviceability is easier on the DM50 Series Disc Mowers. Remove the oval-shaped disc(s) with only four bolts per disc. The shear hub assembly can be serviced by removing the remaining four bolts. This will save time and oil replacement costs by not splitting the entire cutterbar to replace the sheared hubs as required in previous models. 

Shear hub assembly on DM50 Series Shear hub assembly on DM50 Series
Shear hub assembly on DM50 Series Shear hub assembly on DM50 Series

Take the shear hub assembly off the cutterbar by removing only eight bolts.

Transport lock system

DM50 in transport position DM50 in transport position
DM50 in operating position DM50 in operating position

The transport lock system is a simple mechanical system that saves time and ensures safety. Use the rope system to raise the transport lock, engage selective control valve (SCV) 1 to bring the cutterbar into the transport position, and release the rope system to lock for transport.  

Outer swath wheel

Outer swath wheel Outer swath wheel

Add the outer swath wheel to the DM50 Series Disc Mower to achieve separation between cut and uncut crop. By keeping the cut crop out of the uncut crop, cutting is not happening twice, which would reduce overall productivity. The swath wheel is fully adjustable up and down the length of the cutterbar, and it bolts directly to the top frame with U-bolts.


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Dimensions dm50-disc-mower
Current Model
Cutting width2.36 m
7.7 ft
Swath width1.75 m
5.7 ft
Operation of cutting angle+/- 25 degree (angle)
Per machine442 kg
975 lb
Shipping (1 unit and crate)998 kg
2,200 lb
Tractor compatibility
CategoryCategory 1, Category 2 - iMatch and Quick-Coupler compatible
Cutting discs
rpm3,000 rpm
V-belts with tensioner
Set-up time (per unit)



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I was tempted by the price of this mower and decided to give it a try. It has mowed about 500 acres in the past 2 years without any major hits or accidents and is already starting to fail internally. One of the spindles stripped out on its gear, which severely damaged that particular cutter as it was beat to death by the other cutters. Excess play in other cutters indicate that they will fail soon. The hitch pins are not strong enough for this mower; they are cat 1 pins necked up to cat 2. They continued to break until I just bought 1 1/8" bolts grade 8 bolts for the hitch pins. I cant imagine that they would think that anyone could use this mower on a tractor with a cat 1 hitch. Getting parts for this mower is also a pain. My local deere dealer doesnt even carry the knives for these mowers and there are no aftermarket options as of now. The blades must be ordered by the dealer and are drastically overpriced. Also, the replacement parts (like the spindle assemblies I ordered) cannot be received in a day or two by the dealer as most other deere parts can. The parts must come from frontier, then to deere, and then to the dealer. This process ads a few days to the order. Last but not least, the mower does a lousy job. Even when the mower was brand new with sharp blades it did a sloppy job cutting most types of hay. It would consistently leave streaks of partially cut grass in certain spots on the bar and I could never figure out why. It would also chop up hay and fling it out in all directions like a rotary cutter. I have used various disc mowers and have never had such issues. I played with all of the adjustments and nothing made a difference. Ive had a few frontier products that have served me well but stay away from these disc mowers; they are poorly designed




From: ky

Length of Ownership: 1yearOrLonger

Usage Frequency: Yearly

Level of Expertise: Expert