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Twine Baler

  • Full-width feeding pickup
  • Adjustable hay compressor
  • Deep-flighted auger feeding
  • Accurate knotters

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Full-width feeding pickup

Square baler pickup Square baler pickup

The pickup teeth and narrow, flanged strippers extend to the flare on both sides of the pickup. This enables full, usable pickup width for feeding wide windrows.

Closely-spaced pickup teeth gather all of the hay in wide, heavy windrows.



Number of teeth







Narrow-channel strippers positioned closely together help preserve leaves and short material to add more quality to the bale.


The pickup is 188-cm (74-in.) wide on flare and offset 25.4 cm (10 in.) to the right of the bale case.

  • The full width of the pickup can be utilized without the tractor tires operating on the windrow.

The belt drives used to power the pickup are virtually trouble-free and eliminate the need for slip clutches.

Adjustable hay compressor

Small square baler pickup with hay compressor Small square baler pickup with hay compressor

The adjustable hay compressor mounts to and floats with the pickup and helps to maintain the same relationship to the pickup teeth at all operating heights.


The hay compressor also controls hay for continuous positive delivery to the auger.


The hay compressor is adjustable to nine positions to maintain positive control of hay in either large and heavy or light and fluffy windrows.


It can easily be removed with two spring pins for access to the auger or feed opening.

Deep-flighted auger feeding

Pickup and deep-flighted auger Pickup and deep-flighted auger

The deep-flighted auger continuously moves hay away from the pickup to the pre-compression chamber:

  • Adds to the overall capacity
  • Produces higher-quality hay
  • Allows minimal crop contact with pickup teeth, which minimizes leaf loss

The free-floating auger raises or lowers to match and maintain control of incoming crop.


Hay turns in the tapered auger housing, which enables the feeder forks to fold each charge as it enters the bale case to produce uniform bales. The crop is pre-compressed for better bale uniformity.


The auger system has few moving parts for less wear and less chance of untimely breakdowns.

Accurate knotters

Small square baler knotter system Small square baler knotter system

Knotters driven by shaft and gears provide a positive drive for dependable and accurate functioning.

The timing of knotters and needles is easy:

  • Remove one bolt and match the gears
  • Timing slot enables easy positioning of the plunger

The tucker finger holds the twine over the billhooks during the tying cycle:

  • Eliminates twine finger
  • Reduces the chance of twine damage
  • Notch controls the twine position over the billhook for improved knotter function
  • Ball-joint-style pull links ensure accurate adjustment

The twine knife is made of surgical-quality steel and can be easily unbolted for sharpening or replacement.


The adjustable edge on the wiper arm allows an easy, accurate adjustment to the billhook.


The positive meshing of knotter gears is easily maintained with spring pins and washers on the needle lift shaft.


The large-diameter needle-lift shaft increases strength for reliable operation.


The split-design knotter frame enables easy removal, without disassembly of the entire mechanism.


A coil-type tension spring on the twine holder enables easy adjustment and improved performance.


The twine disk timing is easily accomplished without removing the pinion gear.


Making adjustments is easy when changing from multi-twine billhooks to sisal-twine billhooks.


The billhook cam track is a separate hardened part that can be replaced independently from the knotter frame, which reduces repair costs.

Hydraulic bale tension available

Hydraulic bale tensioner shown on 348 Baler Hydraulic bale tensioner shown on 348 Baler

The hydraulic bale tension permits easy adjustment of bale density to meet crop variations and desired bale weight:

  • Hydraulic cylinders replace springs that would typically control the density of the bale
  • Exerts constant and uniform pressure on each bale
  • Easy to use
    • One knob controls the tension applied to the bale
  • By increasing the tension, the bale weight also increases

Uniform bales

Feeder forks Feeder forks

Hay is uniformly distributed into the bale case, which produces easy-to-handle bales and bales that stack well.


Feeder forks can be adjusted to five positions to match the feeding requirement to the hay conditions.


Forks are spring loaded for protection and are timed independently of knotters.

Quiet, dependable operation

The plunger head runs on three precision roller bearings located in the high-load area:

  • Provides quiet operation
  • Minimum wear

The compression charge is on the downstroke of the pitman arm to help eliminate slapping of the plunger head. 


The pitman is offset to the right (knife side) where the load is heavier to further minimize wear.


A lubrication fitting on the pitman arm provides easy access for lubrication to the wrist pin.


A safety stop is positioned to stop the plunger head at the crank to eliminate possible damage to the plunger head face.


Compare the specifications of up to 4 models

Key Specs 328-twine-baler
Current Model
Minimum PTO26 kW
35 PTO hp
Pickup width187.9 cm
74 in.
Bale sizeHeight x width
36x46 cm
14x18 cm
30.7 to 127 cm
12 to 50 in.
Adjustable Hydraulic Bale DensityOptional
Plunger - Strokes/minute80 spm
Bale size
Height x width36 x 46 cm
14 x 18 in.
Length30.5 to 127 cm
12 to 50 in.
Maximum volume
Dry bale weight
Pickup width187.9 cm
74 in.
Tooth bars/teeth4 bars, 104 teeth
Lift controlCrank (hydraulic optional)
Pickup diameter49.5 cm
19.5 in.
Compression rack rods
Diameter41 cm
16 in.
Length154.9 cm
61 in.
Feed opening
Strokes/minute80 spm
Stroke length
Typing mechanism
No. of knotters2
Twine capacity4
Twine typePlastic or sisal
Knot strength (minimum required)
Central lube systemOptional
Wire twisters
Wire ball capacity
Baler dimensions
Length w/ short tongue
Length w/ long tongue576.5 cm
227 in.
Width274.3 cm
108 in.
Height170.2 cm
67 in.
Weight empty1208 kg
2685 lb
Tractor requirements
PTO speed540 rpm
Minimum PTO26 kW
35 PTO hp
Drive mechanism
DrivelineEqual angle 3 joint category 4
Optional driveline
PlungerGear and shaft
KnottersGear and shaft
Feeder forksGear and shaft
Diameter of flywheel
Drivetrain protection
PickupBelt slip
NeedlesShear bolt/plunger head stop
KnottersShear bolt
RH Standard tire size26x12.0-12, 4 ply
RH Optional tire size
LH Standard tire size11L-14, 6 ply
LH Optional tire size
Gauge Wheels1 optional
Pickup Gauge Wheels Tires Size16.5x6.50-8
Transport lights
Density Control System
Adjustable Bale DensityMechanical crank
Adjustable Hydraulic Bale DensityOptional
Bale CounterOptional
Bale Ejector
Bale Chute
Regular bale chute
Short chuteOptional
Long chuteOptional
Regular bale chute standard
Side bale drop chuteOptional
Wagon hitchOptional