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Monday, April 10, 2023

Make Your Tractor Work for You

It’s important that you make your John Deere tractor the kind of investment that pays off. One of the best ways to ensure that your machine will pay itself off is to equip it with efficient, user-friendly tools that will help you knock chores off of your list. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular and versatile implements for your tractor.

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Chores That Could Use an Implement

Believe it or not, many of your property’s most tedious chores can be consolidated. With the right assembly of John Deere implements and attachments, you can handle all of your yard work from the tractor. Here’s a list of common yard maintenance that can benefit–in terms of time and money–from various implements.


Ditch the shovel, and save yourself the manual labor. With implements like the backhoe, box blade or land plane, you can shape your lawn however you want. The 270B Backhoe is one of Deere’s most popular implements, compliant with your compact tractor’s Category 1 hitch. 


Get your garden in shape in time for the spring! Implements like the rotary tiller will turn and open your soil to accept fertilizer and seed, which can easily be spread by the Frontier Broadcast Spreader


If you’re looking to get some mowing done and don’t want to purchase a whole new mower–or simply don’t have the space–Deere has several options for attaching a mower to your compact tractor. We’ll break down a few of the most popular options in the next section. 

Material Transport

Moving materials around your property is one of the most common day-to-day tasks that can be immensely sped up by letting the tractor do the lifting. That’s why loaders are among the most popular implements available. 

Implement Highlights

So, now that you’ve identified where in your life you could use an implement, let’s look at which implements may be best for you. The following implements are both popular and practical–use this as a guide to narrow down which implements can best benefit you and your property. 


Loaders with standard buckets are a great addition to your fleet of tools. Whether you need help moving material around your property, transporting and distributing fertilizer or soil, or even roughly clearing snow, a loader will do the heavy lifting for you. To minimize loss of materials, consider a Mechanical Self-Leveling (MSL) Loader. If you’re simply moving dirt, check out a standard loader like the D120. If you’re dealing with fertilizer, seed, or another material of value, an MSL Loader like the 120R will be a safer bet. 


Whether you’re mowing a standard lawn with relatively flat ground or a large, hilly pasture, there’s a mowing option for you. The AutoConnect™ Mid-Mount Mower Deck is an easily attached mower deck that will turn your tractor into a riding mower in under a minute. If you’re mowing larger plots of land, though, consider pulling a Finish Mower. Dealing with rougher pastures will require something heavier-duty like a Rotary Cutter


The 270B Backhoe will do all of the digging for you. If you’re landscaping your lawn or working on any larger digging projects, this will save you time and effort. 

Rotary Tiller

John Deere’s Frontier Rotary Tillers range from 42 to 121 inches, with options for standard, medium and heavy-duty tillage. Have your garden or seedbed in better shape than ever, and consolidate your tools by tilling with your compact tractor. 

Post Hole Digger

If you’ve ever dug a post hole by hand, this implement needs no explanation. Whether you’re fencing in your garden or a whole section of your property, a Post Hole Digger will save both your time and your body. The Frontier PHD Series has a range of width and depth options to accommodate for your specific needs. 

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These are only a few of the available implements and attachments. If you’re working on chores that weren't mentioned above, or looking for a specific tool, reach out to one of our experts for more guidance and information on how you can make your compact tractor work for you. 

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