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Monday, March 16, 2020

How Precision Ag Technology Can Save You Money

One acre of land can grow an estimated 2,800 pounds of wheat. This has been increasing each year due to advancements in seed, fertilizer and equipment, and it must continue to increase to match the food demand of the growing population of the world. By 2050, researchers expect the need of food production will increase by 70%. This means efficiency is more important than ever for farmers.

What information do you use to make decisions on your farm? Heritage Tractor wants to support your operation with our Agriculture Management Solutions (AMS) in the form of Precision Ag Technology. AMS provides producers with more flexibility in their operations by allowing efficient control of operation and cost so you, the producer, can focus on the finer details.

Heritage Tractor’s solutions can save you time and money. By adding Autotrac to your combine, you can save nearly 5% of your time and overlap coverage. Row Command on planters can reduce overlap by 3% on a 2,500 acre operation. At a $350 input cost per acre, that could save you as much as $26,250.

A large part of Precision Ag is Field Information Management. As farmers we no longer look at our fields as a whole, but rather by zone or even row by row. Heritage Tractor offers services through the John Deere Operations Center to handle that data and transform it into results. Results meaning greater insights into your operation or the best result and increase to your bottom line.

These services work through all five steps of the ag process: Planning, Tillage, Application, Planting, and Harvest.

  • Planning includes analyzing field structures, factoring in surface drainage, compiling equipment, and learning to use the technology.
  • Tillage includes setting proper implement widths and loading the information into the data systems.
  • Using digital methods, application is planned and completed for the most accurate delivery.
  • An AMS training course prepares you for an informed planting and allows you to use the data fully. Heritage Tractor also offers in-field start up.
  • At harvest, the system still works for you by analyzing field variation and allows for a year-end review.

Precision Ag solutions also include daily phone support, diagnostic sessions to prevent major equipment repairs, and on-site farm visits. With Precision Ag, farmers use GPS guidance, seed variety selection, tablets, and more to make informed decisions about every step to lead to a successful harvest year after year.

Get started with your own precision ag solution today.

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