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Commercial Walk-Behind Mower

  • Heavy-duty hydrostatic transmission
  • Forward speed up to 7 mph and 3 mph in reverse
  • 36-inch 7-gauge fabricated mower deck

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Powerful air-cooled engine delivers power and reliability

Air-cooled engineAir-cooled engine
Engines have clean-out ports (SN 070001-)Engines have clean-out ports (SN 070001-)

WH36A Commercial Walk-Behind Mower is powered by a 14.5-hp (10.8-kW) air-cooled, vertical-shaft engine.

WH48A and WH52A Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers are powered by 18.5-hp (13.8-kW) air-cooled, vertical-shaft engines.

WH61A Commercial Walk-Behind Mower is powered by a 23-hp (17.2-kW) air-cooled, vertical-shaft engine.

Engine features:

  • Overhead valve design
    • More horsepower and torque per cubic inch of displacement
    • Better fuel efficiency
    • Less oil consumption
    • Cooler operating temperature
  • Full-pressure lubrication with full-flow filter
    • Reduces engine wear by ensuring proper lubrication, even when operating on hillsides or uneven terrain
    • Helps keep oil clean for increased engine life
  • V-twin design
  • Air-cooled engine design
  • Vertical shaft
  • Dual-stage air cleaner for extended engine life and efficient operation
  • Cylinder head clean-out ports to ease maintenance
  • Electric start
  • Fuel pump
  • Complies with strict U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission standards without loss of horsepower or torque
  • Consistently strong torque at low- or high-speed operation
  • Aluminum block engines
    • Effectively dissipate heat
    • Lightweight and strong construction
    • Extend engine life due to elimination of debilitating engine temperatures

Field-installed propane conversion kits for Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers, QuikTrak™ Mowers, and Commercial ZTrak™ Mowers

Propane conversion kit on a Walk-Behind MowerPropane conversion kit on a Walk-Behind Mower
Propane conversion kit on a ZTrak MowerPropane conversion kit on a ZTrak Mower

John Deere provides application-specific Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved field-installed propane conversion kits for specific John Deere Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers, QuikTrak Mowers, and ZTrak Mowers. The conversion kits include all components required to convert the engines to operate on propane fuel. Single-tank or dual-tank brackets (depending on the vehicle) are provided for securely holding the propane tank(s) to the vehicle.

Propane tanks are not included.

An optional altitude kit is required when operating at altitudes above 2000 ft (610 m). The operator’s manual provided with the propane conversion kit provides further details. Parts must be ordered separately through John Deere Parts.

Propane facts:

  • Propane is flammable and commonly used as a fuel.
  • The molecular formula of propane is C3H8, and it is in the family of liquefied petroleum gases (LP gases). The other LP gases include butane, propylene, butadiene, butylene, isobutylene, and mixtures thereof.
  • Propane is commonly available and has proven to be a dependable, safe, economical, and clean-burning fuel. It can be used as household fuel, industrial fuel, and fuel for internal combustion engines. Propane has been used as a fuel since 1910.
  • At atmospheric pressure, propane boils at -44°F (-42.2°C), meaning it typically exists as a vapor. However, when contained under pressure, such as in a propane cylinder, it can exist as a liquid.
  • Propane is naturally odorless, but includes an additive odorant, usually mercaptan, which gives it a distinct odor.
  • Vapor propane is heavier than air, meaning it will settle in low areas such as along the ground or in drains.

 Advantages of John Deere propane conversion kits include:

  • Reduced fuel costs, up to 30 percent depending on fuel prices
  • Lower emissions
  • Reduced fuel-system maintenance
  • Maintains John Deere warranty
  • EPA and CARB certified
  • May qualify for national and state rebate and incentive programs. Please visit www.propane.com/commercial-landscape/programs-and-incentives/ for further information.

Propane tank mounting bracket options:

Single propane tank shown on QuikTrak MowerSingle propane tank shown on QuikTrak Mower
Dual propane tanks shown on ZTrak MowerDual propane tanks shown on ZTrak Mower

 Optional tank configurations and sizes are available to provide operators the ability to tailor for run time:

  • Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers have only a single-tank mounting option.
    • The single-tank bracket is designed for one 20-lb (9.1-kg) or 33-lb (15-kg) Worthington tank.
      • Tank is not included.
  • QuikTrak Mowers have single-tank and dual-tank mounting options.
    • The single-tank, right-side bracket is designed for one 33-lb (15-kg) Worthington tank.
      • Tank is not included.
    • The dual-tank brackets are designed for two 20-lb (9.1-kg) Worthington tanks.
      • Tanks are not included.
  • ZTrak Mowers have single-tank and dual-tank mounting options.
    • The single-tank, left-side bracket is designed for one 33-lb (15-kg) or 43-lb (19.5-kg) Worthington tank.
      • Tank is not included.
    • The dual-tank brackets are designed for two 33-lb (15-kg) Worthington tanks.
      • Tanks are not included.
      • ZTrak Mowers with dual-tank configurations are not compatible with any material collection systems.

NOTE: Reference the Propane and Attachment Compatibility Chart to determine tank configurations that are compatible.

Field-installed propane conversion kit compatibility:

NOTE: Conversion to propane is not intended for units with engines having more than 250 hours of use.

Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers

 WG SeriesWH SeriesWHP Series
Model                                WG32AWG36AWG48AWH36AWH48AWH52AWH61AWHP36AWHP48AWHP52AWHP61A
Engine modelFS481VFS481VFS481VFS481VFS600VFS600VFS691VFS481VFS600VFS600VFS691V
Engine displacement603 cc603 cc603 cc603 cc603 cc603 cc726 cc603 cc603 cc603 cc726 cc
Propane kit model numberNot availableNot availableNot availableFS603ccFS603ccFS603ccFS726ccFS603ccFS603ccFS603ccFS726cc

QuikTrak Mowers

 E SeriesM SeriesR Series
Model                                  652E636M648M652M648R652R652R EFI661R661R EFI
Engine modelFX691VFS600VFX691VFX691VFX691VFX730VECV740 EFIFX730VECV740 EFI
Engine displacement726 cc603 cc726 cc726 cc726 cc726 cc747 cc726 cc747 cc
Propane kit model numberFX726ccNot availableNot availableNot availableFX726ccFX726ccNot availableFX726ccNot available

Commercial ZTrak Mowers

 E SeriesM Series     R Series 
Model                                  Z915EZ920MZ925M FFZ930MZ945M EFIZ950M Z955M EFIZ960MZ930RZ950RZ970R
Engine modelCV742FX730VFCV740FX801VECV850 EFIFX850VECV860J EFIFX921VFX801VFX850VFX1000V
Engine displacement747 cc726 cc747 cc852 cc824 cc852 cc824 cc999 cc852 cc852 cc999 cc
Propane kit model numberNot availableFX726cc*Not availableFX852cc*Not availableFX852cc*Not availableNot availableFX852cc*FX852cc*Not available
*Not compatible with 48-in. (122-cm) mower decks.

Worthington tanks are manufactured by Worthington Industries, Inc.

Estimated run-time comparison
Engine displacement FS603ccFS726cc FX726ccFX852cc
Average consumption (lb [kg]/hr)3.9 (1.8)4.2 (1.9)4.2 (1.9)5.8 (2.6)
Run time (hours) with 20-lb (9.1-kg) tank5.
Run time (hours) with 33.5-lb (15.2-kg) tankNot available8.08.05.8
Run time (hours) with 43.5-lb (19.7-kg) tankNot available10.410.47.5

Convenient operator controls improve productivity

WH Series operator controlsWH Series operator controls

All of the controls on a WH Series Mower are within comfortable reach of the operator.


The location and simplified operation of the following controls on all models offer greater convenience, improved productivity, and increased safety: 

  • Operator presence system – The bail must be depressed to operate the unit; the machine must be in neutral and the power take-off (PTO) must be disengaged to start.
  • Separate choke and throttle – This takes the guesswork out of choke operation, and there is less fouling of plugs.
  • Loop-type controls – These controls provide ease of operation. 
  • Front adjustable cruise bar – This bar allows setting the maximum mowing speed to match conditions.
  • Reverse index bar – This bar makes the machine easy to control in reverse. 
  • Adjustable height of controls for short and tall operators – There are three height settings with 3 in. (7.6 cm) of total adjustment. 
  • Color-coded and clearly marked switches and buttons – These enable simplified operation.
  • Bilingual decals – Decals are provided in English and Spanish.

Self-propelled drive system provides infinite ground-speed adjustments to meet mowing needs

WH Series drive systemWH Series drive system

The WH Series Mowers are equipped with an infinitely variable hydrostatic drive system with reverse, which does the following:

  • Provides infinite ground-speed adjustments - 0 mph to 7 mph (0 km/h to 11.3 km/h) to meet the mowing application
  • Enables a smoother transition from one speed to another 
  • Gives a reverse speed of 3 mph (4.8 km/h), enabling the operator to back out of tight mowing areas and increase productivity

The WH Series Mowers also come equipped with a six-position hydrostatic-transmission adjustment plate. This feature allows an operator to adjust the sensitivity of the hydrostatic transmission to provide ultimate control and comfort.

A 7-gauge, 0.179-in. (4.6-mm), fabricated floating mower deck delivers high-quality cut

WH36A Mower DeckWH36A Mower Deck
WH48A Mower DeckWH48A Mower Deck
WH52A Mower DeckWH52A Mower Deck
WH61A Mower DeckWH61A Mower Deck

John Deere commercial mower decks have always demonstrated quality, performance, and durability. The 7-gauge, 0.179-in. (4.6-mm), fabricated floating mower deck delivers an extremely high-quality cut in diverse conditions.


  • High blade-tip speed of 18,000 fpm (5,486 m/min) for more blade strikes per inch mowed 
  • Floating suspension to enable the best-possible cut
  • Wide, raised discharge chute for more even clipping distribution
  • Reinforced front lower edge for strength and durability
  • Easy height-of-cut changes without tools
  • Four, dual-captured, adjustable-height anti-scalp wheels 
WH36A Mower Deck (side view)WH36A Mower Deck (side view)
WH48A Mower Deck (side view)WH48A Mower Deck (side view)
WH52A Mower Deck (side view)WH52A Mower Deck (side view)
  • Tube design with hanger brackets that provide a free-floating deck for a smooth cut with a reduced chance of scalping or scuffing by following the contour of the ground 
  • Easy-attach belt shields to allow quick access for service 
  • Wide, rolled lips for additional structural strength 
  • Greaseable spindles with easy top access for simplified servicing 
  • Two-coat paint covering to protect and resist corrosion 
  • Hardened steel blades that extend cutting time and increase durability 
  • Large discharge to evenly disperse expelled clippings

Flat-free front caster wheels eliminate downtime

Front caster wheelFront caster wheel


Rubber, wide-profile, flat-free front caster wheels provide a smooth cut.

Drive wheels provide excellent traction

Mower drive wheel on WH36AMower drive wheel on WH36A
Mower drive wheel on WH48A and WH52AMower drive wheel on WH48A and WH52A


Wide and large drive wheels provide excellent traction with low turf compaction. They also provide maximum curb climbing. The square shoulder improves hillside performance.


The tire sizes for the WH Series models are as follows:

  • WH36A - 16x6.50-8 in. 4 PR
  • WH48A and WH52A - 16x7.50-8 in. 4 PR
  • WH61A - 16x8.50-8 in. 4 PR

Optional grass-collecting system makes collecting thatch and leaves easy

Grass catcherGrass catcher

A 3-cu ft (85-L) capacity grass catcher is available as an attachment for field conversion. Made of strong yet lightweight steel, the grass catcher provides an easy means for collecting thatch and leaves.

The grass-collecting system offers the following features:

  • Catcher is designed with a large, 3-cu ft (85-L) capacity
  • Bottom of the catcher is sloped at an angle for clearing hilly areas and ground obstacles
  • Catcher is designed for quick and easy removal and installation 
  • Handles are large for sturdy gripping while removing and installing the bagger

Exclusive two-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

An exclusive, two-year, single-source, bumper-to-bumper warranty is for all John Deere commercial mowing equipment. The warranty is best in class and places John Deere at the forefront of commercial mowing. It is hassle free, with one company handling all of the paperwork.


Compare the specifications of up to 4 models

Key Specs wh36a-mower
Current Model
Engine manufacturer/modelFS481V
Engine power14.5 hp
10.8 kW
Fuel tank capacity5.8 U.S. gal.
21.9 L
Mower deck SizeFloating style: 36 in.
91 cm
Blade tip speedApproximately 18,000 fpm
5,486 m/min
TransmissionHydrostatic, twin loop control type, Hydro-Gear pumps, 10 cc
Speed rangeForward: 0-7 mph
0-11.3 km/h
Reverse: 0-3 mph
0-4.8 km/h
Drive wheels16x6.5-8
Caster wheels9x3.5-4, flat free
Warranty24 month, single source commercial
Power14.5 hp
10.8 kW
Displacement36.8 cu in.
603 cc
Crankcase capacity1.8 U.S. qt
1.7 L
Operating speed3,600 rpm
Idle Speed1,550 rpm
Ignition/StarterElectronic/electric start
ValvingOverhead valves
Oil filterStandard
LubricationFull pressure
GovernorFlyweight all speed governor
HourmeterStandard, digital
Cooling systemAir cooled
Air cleanerDual element
MufflerLow tone
Fuel System
Fuel typeGasoline
Fuel tank capacity5.8 U.S. gal.
21.9 L
Fuel pumpPulse
Fuel delivery systemCarburetor
Fuel tank switch/Shut off valveShut off valve
Filler neck opening
Fuel pickupTop draw
Electrical System
IgnitionElectronic spark
HourmeterStandard, digital
Operator presence starting systemStandard
TransmissionHydrostatic, twin loop control type, Hydro-Gear pumps, 10 cc
Wheel motorsParker-Ross™
Shift mechanismElectric clutch type
Drive wheels16x6.5-8
Outside to outside tire measurement35 in.
89 cm
Caster wheels9x3.5-4, flat free
Shift mechanism
Travel Speed
Forward speeds
Reverse speeds
Speed rangeForward, 0-7 mph
0-11.3 km/h
Reverse, 0-3 mph
0-4.8 km/h
Height43 in.
109.2 cm
Length with deck74.5 in.
189.2 cm
WidthWith deflector, 48.4 in.
122.9 cm
Weight558 lb
253.1 kg
Mower Decks
Buyer's note