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  • Straight blade aerator rotor aerates soil and incorporates seed in one step
  • Rear cultipacker levels and smooths seedbed
  • Front gauge roller levels ground, controls seed depth
  • iMatchTM compatible

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Aerator rotor

Straight blades provide one-step dual functions Straight blades provide one-step dual functions

The TR2058 Overseeder has a straight blade aerator rotor that aerates the soil and incorporates the seed all in one step.

Rear cultipacker

Firms and smoothes the turf Firms and smoothes the turf

The TR2058 Overseeder has rear cultipacker rings that compact and level the turf to ensure successful germination.

Front gauge roller

Levels ground and controls seed depth Levels ground and controls seed depth

By adding the front gauge roller onto the TR2058 Overseeder, the operator can level the ground and control the seed depth. This is recommended for rental operations.


NOTE: Gauge wheels and the front roller cannot be used together.

Scraper bar

Optional scraper bar Optional scraper bar

The optional scraper bar on the TR2058 Overseeder is ideal for clay or wet conditions.

C-blade tiller

C-blade tiller creates versatility C-blade tiller creates versatility

By simply unbolting the double flanges at each end of the aeration rotor, operators can install the optional tiller rotor. This transforms the TR2058 Overseeder Aerator into a primary seedbed preparation machine.

Field-installed gauge wheel kit for TR2058 Overseeder

The field conversion gauge wheel kit for the TR2058 Overseeder includes two wheels and arms that can be set to ride on the wheels, so when lowered, they prevent the overseeder from lowering too far.

Front roller, tilling roller, and rear roller scraper field-conversion kits for TR2058 Overseeder

The first attachment is a field-installed front roller kit to compact soil for the aeration rotor.


The second attachment is a field-installed tilling roller kit to assist in preparing new seedbeds.


The third attachment is a rear roller scraper to keep material from kicking over the backside of the roller, leaving a smooth, finished job.


Dimensions TR2058
Current Model
Working width147 cm
58 in.
Overall width168 cm
66 in.
Shipping weight539 kg
1188 lb
Operational weight453 kg
998 lb
Tractor compatibility
PTO hp19-37 kW
25-50 hp
PTO rpm540 rpm
Rotor rpm231 rpm
High carbon tapered steel pins
3-point type
iMatch™ compatibleYes
Set-up time