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Frontier™ Overseeder

  • Built-in seed dispersal rate chart and calibration
  • Versatile. Handles multiple seed varieties
  • iMatch™ and/or Quick Hitch compatible

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Front spiked rollers Front spiked rollers

The GS10L Series Light-Duty Overseeder features spiked front rollers. When front rollers are set straight, the large front pins will penetrate the soil in a straight pushing action causing little soil and turf disturbance. Angle the front roller for more aggressive tilling action.

Seed boxes Seed boxes

The GS10L Series Light-Duty Overseeder has two seed box options that can be used for cool season and legumes. The cool season seed box lets operators plant anything from rye grass and fescue to orchard grass, while the legume box can be used for seeds such as alfalfa, Bermuda, and clover.

Calibration tray Calibration tray

A calibration tray system catches seed used to calibrate seed meters and adjusts desired seeding rate. The calibration tray can be used with the overseeder in the stationary position or pulled over a short distance in the seedbed.

Front disc Front disc

The front disc option on the GS10L Series Light-Duty Overseeder can be used to prepare a seedbed, reducing the need for a tillage tool and increasing working efficiency.

Rear drive roller Rear drive roller

The rear drive roller doubles as a seed meter chain drive and firms and presses soil kicked up by the front tillage tool. This creates a smooth seedbed all while accurately dispersing seed in proportion to ground speed.

Optional scraper bar Optional scraper bar

The optional scraper bar on the GS10L Series Light-Duty Overseeder is ideal for wet or sticky soil conditions.

Rear cultipacker firms and smooths the turf Rear cultipacker firms and smooths the turf

The GS10L Series Light-Duty Overseeder has an optional rear cultipacker that levels and breaks soil clods and presses the seed into the soil for improved seed-to-soil contact and increased germination.


Key Specs GS1060L
Current Model
Working width121.9 cm
48 in.
PTO hp
Working width121.9 cm
48 in.
Overall width144.2 cm
56.75 in.
Shipping weight
Spiked roller and primary box194 kg
427 lb
Operational weightAll boxes with seed: 323 kg
713 lb
Tractor compatibility
Horsepower11-26 kW
15-35 hp
PTO hp
PTO rpm
Rotor rpm
High carbon tapered steel pins
Spike roller
Front roller positionsFour positions
0-21 degree (angle)
No. of roller pins (front and rear)144
Roller diameter (front and rear)16.8 cm
6.6 in.
Front disc
Front disc angle0 degree (angle)
5 degree (angle)
10 degree (angle)
15 degree (angle)
Disc diameter (number)Notched: 40.6 cm
16 in.
Disc spacing19 cm
7.5 in.
CategoryLimited Category 1
3-point type
iMatch™ compatible
Quick Hitch compatibleYes
Set-up time