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Tips for Landscaping

How-to: prune young trees

Proper pruning during a tree's youth can help prevent the need for corrective pruning later on. Poor pruning can lead to long-lasting injury to the tree. Watch these tips before pruning your young trees.

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How-to: build a fence

Fences make good neighbors. Check out this video for instructions to get your split rail fence planned placed and looking good!

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How-to: use a box blade

A box blade is used primarily for spreading material like soil or gravel, and for grading, leveling, or backfilling an expansive area of land for a driveway, lawn, garden, building site, etc. They dig into and break up hard ground so it can be shaped to your need.

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How-to: spruce up your landscape

Is your yard feeling drab? Check out these 8 simple tips to spruce up your landscape this weekend (and quickly get to enjoying it). 

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