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How-to: order parts online

We know you're busy. Our goal is to make your shopping experience with us as easy as possible. That's why we've created MyHeritageTractor.com. Now you can order parts from the convenience of your couch, pay your bill online and access your machine information. All right here. Activating your My Heritage Tractor account is free and easy. Sign up today!

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How-to: change your mower's air filter

Ignoring a dirty air filter will decrease your mower's engine performance and can do permanent damage. Watch this video to how to change it yourself.

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How-to: prep your equipment for spring

A Midwest study that showed many farmers could reduce machinery repair costs 25 percent by improving routine tractor maintenance procedures.

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How-to: change the oil and oil filter in your D100 Series tractor

Before you change the oil and oil filter in your D100 Series lawn tractor, run it for a couple of minutes to make the oil easier to drain. Here's the full how-to with more tips and instruction:

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How-to: level your mower deck

Ensure a consistently smooth, even cut by level the mower deck of you Z500 Ztrak mower. Here are the four things you'll need to know to do it yourself:

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