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Heritage Heroes

Celebrate your hero

At Heritage Tractor, we are committed to honoring our heroes.

That’s why we’re spending 2019 honoring the heroes in our communities. We know that heroes come in all shapes and sizes, but this year we’re honoring the those who go above and beyond. We have chosen select months in 2019 to celebrate Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers, Military Personnel, Firefighters, Farmers and Health Care Professionals. We encourage these heroes to visit their local Heritage Tractor on the second Saturday of their dedicated month to receive a thank you from our employees and a gift for all they do for our communities!


We also want to honor everyday heroes. That is why every week in 2019 we will be featuring a hero on our social media pages. We invite you to tell us who your hero is. This could be a parent, teacher, coach, community member, etc. Please share a photo of your hero and your story with us! Submissions will be featured on our social media channels as our #HeroOfTheWeek.


  • Saturday, January 12: Honoring Law Enforcement Officers
  • Saturday, March 9: Honoring Farmers
  • Saturday, May 11: Honoring Firefighters
  • Saturday, June 8: Honoring Health Care Professionals 
  • Saturday, August 10: Honoring Teachers
  • Saturday, November 9: Honoring Vetrans and Military Members