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Monday, April 10, 2023

Treat Your Lawn Like Family

Listen, we know a lawn isn’t just a lawn. Maybe it’s where you propagated that heirloom tree on your anniversary, where you’ve raised your kids, where they’ve grown into young adults and, someday, where they’ll come home to visit. Your lawn, in a way, is part of the family. So you know that a mower isn’t just a mower, and lawn care isn’t just a hobby. Here, we’ve compiled a list of John Deere’s most popular mowers and some of the best ways you can put them to use in your yard. 

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Let’s Talk Choices

It’s important to consider the size and condition of your lawn when picking a mower. Is your lawn large, hilly, full of obstacles? No matter the condition, we’ve got a mower to fit the specifics of your property. Here’s a quick guide to the different styles of John Deere mowers we offer. 

Lawn Tractors

Ranging from 17.5 to 25.5 horsepower and 42- to 60-inch mower decks, John Deere’s lawn tractors offer a great, classic mowing experience with a significant range of turn-radius options, 2-wheel and 4-wheel steering and more. Consider the 100 Series for standard, relatively flat lawns. The S100, with 17.5 horsepower, is great for lawns up to 4 acres. For larger or hillier lawns that require more horsepower, check out the larger X Series mowers for more features and more horsepower. 

Zero-Turn Mowers

Residential ZTrak™ Zero-Turn Mowers are ideal for lawns requiring lots of handling–check these out for mowing lawns with more tree coverage, or more fence line mowing. With the Z300 Series starting at 20 horsepower, and decks ranging from 42 to 54 inches, you can easily handle an obstacle-heavy lawn up to 4 acres. The Z700 Series, with models reaching up to 25 horsepower and mower decks up to 60 inches, can easily handle 8+ acre lawns. 

Compact Tractors

If you’re on a large piece of land, including pasture, garden, farmland or backwoods trails, you may require a piece of equipment capable of more than mowing. A great way to save space and money is to make the investment in a John Deere Compact Tractor with a mower attachment. Ranging from 23-45 horsepower, the 1, 2, and 3 Series can easily handle lawns up to 20 acres, of varying conditions. They are also capable of handling all of your property’s other chores. With front, back and mid-mount mowing options, multitasking is easier than ever. Consider mowing implements such as the Rotary Cutter, Grooming Mower and AutoConnect™ Mid-Mount Mower Deck. 

Make More of Your Mower

Again, we know your lawn is of utmost importance. Here’s a quick list of tips for keeping your lawn–and your mower–even healthier.

For Your Lawn

Bagging Kit

Keep your lawn looking fresh with a bagging assembly–instead of spreading your lawn clippings and other debris throughout your lawn, easily collect and compost them. 

Mulch Kit

Save time and waste with a mulching kit. Instead of collecting and composting grass clippings, a mulch kit composts them directly back into your lawn, ultimately benefiting both your grass and your soil.  

For Your Mower

Brush Guard

A riding lawn mower is somewhat of a financial investment. Protect that investment by shielding it from accidental damage with a brush guard.

Lawn Cart

John Deere’s Lawn Cart can be easily towed by your mower, keeping all of your lawn care equipment ready and on hand. Keep lawn tools, fertilizer, and gasoline more easy to reach with your lawn cart.

Keep Your Lawn in Top Shape

Your lawn is a part of your daily life. It’s where you and your family convene, and where you feel safe and at home. With John Deere mowing equipment, you can keep that lawn in great shape. With proper care and regular maintenance, keep your mower running for years to come, and keep your lawn beautiful.

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