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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

New See & Spray Approved Nozzles and Adapters

John Deere continues to expand its nozzle portfolio and evaluate existing nozzles for use with our See & Spray systems. The detailed characteristics of these nozzles are embedded within the See & Spray™ software to ensure accurate nozzle activations to target spray weeds. It is critical that operators of See & Spray machines have the correct nozzles approved for their application to maximize the benefit of this new technology. This bulletin contains the latest updates to See & Spray compatible nozzles.

See & Spray Nozzles

Nozzle 1

The following nozzle types are approved with See & Spray system:

  • Ultra-low-drift (ULD) 120°
  • Low-drift Max (LDM)
  • 3D
  • Extended Range 80°
  • Targeted Spray Low-Drift – TSL80*
    * Available with incline adapter, see new part numbers in chart

Targeted-spray Low-drift (TSL80) – John Deere Exclusive

Nozzle 2

For the 2024 spray season, two sizes of our new Targeted Spray Low-drift (TSL80) nozzles are available and can be used with See & Spray’s Select, Premium, and Ultimate. TSL80 nozzles feature a narrower 80-degree fan angle and can save more chemical than nozzles with fan angles of 100-120 degrees. Narrower fan angles help chemical go straight down to the weed.

Sizes 05 (PSTSL8005R4) and 06 (PSTSL8006R4) are currently available in the TSL80 nozzles. TSL80 nozzles are sold as a full nozzle assembly and include the regular-length 40-degree adaptor (AKK53214).

See & Spray Incline Adapters

Nozzle 3

40-degree incline adapters are used for See & Spray applications. The adapters are available to be ordered in package quantity of 10 and come packaged with seal, gasket, and adapter.

Part number Description
PSULD2003R4 ULD Size 03 with 40degree adapter
PSULD2004R4 ULD Size 04 with 40degree adapter
PSULD2005R4 ULD Size 05 with 40degree adapter
PSULD2006R4 ULD Size 06 with 40degree adapter
PSULD2008R4 ULD Size 08 with 40degree adapter
PSLDMQ2003R4 LDM Size 03 with 40degree adapter
PSLDMQ2004R4 LDM Size 04 with 40degree adapter
PSLDMQ2005R4 LDM Size 05 with 40degree adapter
PSLDMQ2006R4 LDM Size 06 with 40degree adapter
PSLDMQ2008R4 LDM Size 08 with 40degree adapter
PSTSL8005R4 Targeted Spray Low-drift - 05
PSTSL8006R4 Targeted Spray Low-drift - 06
40-Degree Adapter
AKK53214 40° R4 incline adapter (qty 10)
AKK53216 40° L4 incline adapter (qty 10)

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