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Friday, March 1, 2024

New Product - Fuel Scent Eliminator Wipes

In a world where strong odors cling to surfaces and skin, John Deere has unveiled a game-changing solution: Fuel Scent Eliminator Wipes. Say goodbye to stubborn fuel, oil, and other pesky odors with this innovative, easy-to-use product.

Crafted with a unique water and ethanol-based cleaner, these wipes are designed to effortlessly penetrate through gasoline, diesel, and an array of tough odors. Whether you're a mechanic, outdoor enthusiast, or simply dealing with everyday messes, these wipes offer a fast, convenient, and effective solution in a single step.

Key Features:

  • Instant Odor Removal: John Deere Fuel Scent Eliminator Wipes boast an impressive capability to remove up to 95% of gasoline and diesel odors instantly, with the remaining 5% vanishing within minutes.
  • Versatile and Safe: Safe to use on skin, plastic, tools, chrome, and more, these wipes provide peace of mind without compromising on effectiveness.
  • Multi-Purpose: Beyond fuel odors, these wipes also tackle oil, smoke, and a wide range of other unpleasant smells, making them a versatile addition to any toolkit or household.
  • Generous Quantity: Each container comes packed with 25 towels, ensuring you have an ample supply to tackle any odor-related challenge that comes your way.

With John Deere Fuel Scent Eliminator Wipes, the days of tolerating lingering odors are over. Experience the convenience and effectiveness firsthand, and say hello to a fresher, cleaner environment.

Part number Description Pkg qty MDP Suggested U.S. list CDP Suggested Can. List*
TY27946 Fuel Scent Eliminator Wipes 12 739TY $12.97 491TY3 $17.98

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