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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

New Aftermarket Headrests for Harvesters

John Deere Aftermarket Parts Marketing is excited to announce that aftermarket installed headrests are available for compatible seats in Worldwide Harvester Cabs (WWHC). Compatibility information is below. Aftermarket headrests are available in cloth and leather options, and both can tilt forward and rearward.


Part# Description MDP Suggested US List CDP Suggested CA List
AXE96856 Leather Headrest 552TY95 $441.12 634TY09 $611.39
AXE96857 Cloth Headrest 792TY67 $399.69 163TY71 $553.97
AL210444 Guide Kit, Backrest Extension* 493TY3 $49.99 424TY6 $69.28


Aftermarket Headrests for Harvester machines are compatible with S, W, and T Series Combines, SPFH, W200M & W235M windrowers, Sugar Harvesters, CS690 cotton stripper, and CP690 cotton picker. For exact compatibility on S-Series combines, please see the below chart. You can find base codes in Warranty or Parts ADVISOR by inputting the customer’s machine serial number.

Model MY12 MY13 MY14 MY15 MY16 MY17
S/N 745101-755000 755001-765000 765001-775000 775001-785000 785001-795000 795001-800000
Base Code Cloth X X X 1220 1220/21 1221
Base Code Leather 1221 1222 1222
Model MY18 MY19 MY20 MY21 MY22 MY23 MY24
S/N 800001-805000 805001-810000 810001-820000 815001-820000 820001-825000 825001-830000 830001-834999
Base Code Cloth 1223 1223 1223 1223 1223 1020 1020
Base Code Leather 1224 1224 1224 1224 1224 1021 1021

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