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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

John Deere Model Numbers

What do John Deere tractor model numbers mean?

We all have seen the numbers on the sides of tractors, the various letters. But what do they mean?

Each model number is made up of a combination of numbers and letters to help customers determine the tractor’s configuration.

The first number in the model number represents the series or family the tractor belongs to. John Deere makes nine series of tractors that range from 1 to 9. The 1 Series (also called 1 Family) is the smallest in the John Deere tractor family and is made to handle mowing and yard work on small properties. On the other hand, the 9 series tractors are the biggest tractors and are typically used on large agriculture operations. The next three numbers designate the horsepower of the tractor. As an example, the 1025R tractor is part of the 1 Series and has 25 horsepower. John Deere uses the International Organization for Standardization 97/68 E-C to determine the horsepower rating.

The final position in the model number are the letter or letters that designated the capacity of the tractor. Select letters denote key specifications in the tractor, such as the D represents gear shift transmissions. As a rule of thumb, the later in the alphabet the letter, the more features and higher price the tractor tends to be. A 1025R offers many features and capabilities that the 1023E does not. The most common configurations are E (good), M (better), and R (best).

Certain specialty tractors feature a sixth position in the model number. Row crop, tracks, and low-profile tractors will have a second letter in their name. For example, the 5090EL tractor is a 5 series tractor with a 90-horsepower engine, basic options, and low clearance for poultry barns.

 There are multiple configurations of tractors in each series with horsepower and letters. As a customer, choosing the right series, horsepower, and features depends on the jobs you have in mind for a tractor. While the 5045D, 5065E, and 5065M are all in the 5 Series family, each tractor offers different capabilities as well as different price tags. While each is a quality machine, choosing the tractor for your needs can make a difference down the line if you need more and have to upgrade.

Our experts would be glad to answer any questions regarding the model differences. Contact us today to learn which size tractor might be right for you.

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