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Thursday, June 8, 2023

John Deere Electric Zero Turn Mowers

John Deere's new Z370R electric mower has all the bells and whistles of it's gas-powered family members in the Z300 series mower line up. We're here to answer some frequently-asked questions this electric-powered zero turn mower. 

1. How much can I mow?
Up to 2 acres on a single charge. When the battery nears depletion, the mower blades switch off and a battery reserve allows you to drive the mower to a charging outlet


2. Charging time 
The Smart Charge Technology prevents over charging and maintains battery life. It’s built right into the mower so it doesn’t take up wall or counter space or require taking out batteries. The smart charger technology continuously monitors the battery to optimize charging and battery life. When the mower battery is fully charged, it stops charging. No need to unplug the mower!


3. What are the electrical requirements?
No electrician needed! A standard 120-volt outlet and grounded extension cord allow you to charge anywhere.


4. Can I really save money?
Yes! When compared to a standard gas unit, the John Deere electric zero turn should save you in both gas and maintenance.

Here's how:

  • No engine oil changes or disposal concerns
  • No engine air filters to clean or replace
  • No belts
  • No grease points
  • No need to add fuel stabilizer or remove fuel for seasonal storage


5. Can I keep my mower outside? Or do I have to store it inside?
The Z370R Electric ZTrak is designed to withstand dust and water so it can weather Mother Nature, a good wash down with the hose, and even permanent outdoor storage.

Best of all, quality is not a compromise. The John Deere Z370R electric mower has the same specs as a like-model gas machine.With the same 7-mph maximum forward speed as other gas-powered Z300 ZTrak Mowers and Accel Deep Mower Deck, you're sure to mow better faster. For more info, come see us today! 

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