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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Implements for Hobby Farmers

A Hobby Farmer’s Guide to John Deere Tractor Implements | Heritage Tractor

Hobby farming–and all land management–is a balancing act of obtaining the best tools for the job and minimizing your overhead investment. That means that versatile tools and equipment can make all the difference. John Deere’s compact tractors are compatible with dozens of implements and attachments all designed to save you time and money and maximize your yields. Below, we’ve broken down some of the best implements for hobby farms and larger gardens.

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Front Loaders

The front loader, while not specific to farming, is one of the most versatile implements you can equip your tractor with. They can be used for leveling and dispersing loose dirt or gravel, for transporting materials and much more. To avoid material loss and waste, consider a mechanical self-leveling loader bucket.

Pallet Forks

Pallet forks, like front loaders, have many uses. They can be used to easily move materials on pallets, to relocate large rocks, to move brush piles or even carry hay bales. 

Rotary Tillers

For basic soil cultivation, whether it be a smaller garden plot or even farming ground of significant acreage, Frontier Rotary Tillers will save you time and effort. This will help to eliminate weeds, reduce soil compaction, and mix and level the soil. With rotary tillers ranging from 42 to 81 inches in width, you’ll be able to cover the ground you need in no time. 

Seeding Equipment

With your newly-tilled land, your soil will be more receptive than ever to seeding and fertilizing. 

There are several attachments to help spread seed quickly, evenly and efficiently. Take a look at all of John Deere’s seeding equipment to determine which best fits your needs. 


Whether you’re gardening or running a small farming operation, the One-Row Cultivator is a great way to control weeds, aerate the soil, and produce a loose, level seedbed. With adjustable tine spacing and row widths, this will fit the needs of your space. 


Frontier Plows offer both one- and two-bottom options with replaceable shares, shins and landslides. 

Bale Spears

Finally, bale spears are a great investment for farmers growing and transporting a significant amount of hay. While a loader or set of pallet forks may get the job done, a set of bale spears is going to be a quicker and more reliable option. 

Learn More

These are only a few of the implements best suited to hobby farmers! Contact or visit your local Heritage Tractor Company to browse more options and discuss your farming needs with one of our experts, or visit our tractor packages page to browse for yourself. 

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