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This saw chain is specially designed for longer cutting edge life resulting in less frequent sharpening.


OILOMATIC® STIHL PICCO™ Duro 3 (PD3) The STIHL PICCO™ Duro 3 is a low-profile, low-kickback chain specially designed for longer cutting edge life. Precision-welded carbide cutting edges make the STIHL PICCO™ Duro extremely hard – keeping it sharp up to four times longer than standard saw chains. It also provides reduced vibration for comfortable operation. And because of its long cutting edge life, it is especially suited for cutting dirty wood, treated wood, roots and hardwoods. The PD3 requires less frequent sharpening and must be re-sharpened with a formed diamond grinding wheel.


This may be the LAST saw chain you'll ever buy.

Applications: The PD3 is ideally suited for cutting dirty wood, treated wood, roots, hardwoods – even cement-encrusted formwork boards on jobsites.

STIHL recommends using low-kickback, green-labeled chain and green-labeled reduced-kickback bars on all powerheads.

Unsure which type of saw chain you need? Download our for easy reference when replacing your STIHL saw chain.